Seinfeld: The Wizard | Episode 171 Recap Version 2


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Rob and Akiva team up one more time to recap episode 171, The Wizard, when Akiva was away in Mexico during the first recap of  this episode and Akiva’s friend Chester subbed in.  Be sure to listen to the original episode recap and let Rob and Akiva know which one you like best.

Episode 171 Recap of Seinfeld, The Wizard, from August 2017.

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  • Albert J

    This is the Russia Hoax Mueller episode. The Media, Dimms and Mueller all know that we all know that they have lied to us about Trump Russia Collusion, to cover up Hillary’s Russia Collusion. They want to Gaslight us into thinking the last two years of lying to us never happened. And they just drove past the very last house like George, but McCabe started it all back up at the beginning with his book admitting to it all! 🍿🍿🍿