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Better Call Saul Season 3, Episode 1 Recap | Mabel

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Better Call Saul Season 3 Premiere Episode 1 Recap Podcast of “Mabel” on April 10, 2017

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Rob Cesternino and Antonio Mazzaro recap the Season 3 Premiere, Episode 1 of Better Call Saul on AMC and answer some of the listener questions.


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  • TrentC

    Better Call Antonio!

    Oh no I’m doing it again. Listen to podcast first, then comment after. I’ll get the hang of this eventually.

    I enjoyed the season opener. Checked all of the boxes I like and threw one more feather up in the I Hate Chuck Hat.

  • WED68

    The Gene scene at the beginning of every season has me hooked. We’re talking heroin-level addiction. I think the main reason is that it’s the ONLY connection we’ll ever have with the post-Breaking Bad universe. It’s a place where we had no expectation to visit again once Walter White’s story was completed. My main question, then, is will the writers, apart from revealing what happens to Gene, give us glimpse into consequences of post-season 5 BB? Am I the only one who is dying to catch a possible glimpse of Jessie and all the other survivors of that show?

    • Matthew Murphy
      • WED68

        Dude! Awesome! I still think he’s dead, though.

        • Matthew Murphy

          Yeah I still have a faint hope that the last season of BCS will have Gene becoming Saul one last time to be Walter’s lawyer. You know AMC would want that ratings gold. Highly unlikely but would be amazing.

          • WED68

            Would be, yeah! Imagine there’s one more flash-forward this season — probably the last episode — and Gene opens up a newspaper with the headline “Walter White Trial to Begin Soon”

            I would loose my sh8t!

          • TrentC

            I’m with you regarding the potential Breaking Bad connectivity. It would be soooo delicious. I suspect if they ever cross the streams so to speak, it would be near the series finale.

            As Rob and Antonio theorized, they’re probably going to give us Gus sooner than later. There’s quite a bit to play out there…Mike meets Gus, somehow Gus meets Jimmy through Mike, Mike and Jimmy need to get closer and Jimmy probably needs to ‘Break Bad’ for any of this to happen. It’s going to be fascinating to see how the show gets there, if they do follow that path.

            I don’t think they would have teaser shots or references to Jesse or Walter until the producers have the end of the series locked down.

            Can you imagine Pinkman picking up some chicken from a young Gus Fring?

          • WED68

            I can totally see Jason Aaron making an appearance — along with Brandon and the other dude.

            As for Jimmy meeting Gus, I seem to recall that they had never met in BB. Will they here? Maybe not….

            Antonio would probably know, given that he’s re-watched the entire runs of BB and BCS recently…

          • TrentC

            I could be wrong as I’ve only watched the Breaking Bad series once and have been saving the entire thing for a rewatch.

            I think…Jimmy/Saul put Walter in contact with Gus at a certain point?

            I’ve spent too many nights with Badger and Skinny Pete, things are a little blurry..

  • TP222


  • TP222

    Why did the guy who took the gas cap not realize it was a totally different car?

    • sunny

      They had tracking devices in both of his cars.

  • Matthew Murphy

    Sweet wasn’t expecting the podcast so soon. The hardest thing for me to buy in this story is Ernesto opening that plastic package so quickly. Never in my life have I seen them opened in less than 30 seconds.

    • sunny

      lol I said the same to my bf as we watched. but i do find it strange that, if that was chuck’s plan, ernesto just happened to make the tape play while changing the batteries? That’s a long shot at best. I suppose Chuck would have just “accidentally” hit play himself somehow if it hadn’t worked out that way. All the same, it didn’t seem like the 3-4 seconds of tape that played actually contained any incriminating info.

      • TrentC

        He may have left the tape player in the play position. Those old school things had big buttons that stay depressed until clicked back again.

        And I think it was right at the part of the tape when they were discussing the address number change and Jimmy admitted to doing it. That was the sole reason they lost the account so I imagine Ernesto was familiar with the address numbers (?)

        Antonio is right. Chuck gave a real quick smile after he turned from Ernesto. The whole thing was a set up to have Ernesto let Jimmy know that Chuck has him on tape. Subtle and diabolically evil scene for sure 🙂

  • heymikeymike

    Hey Rob and Antonio,

    Towards the end of Breaking Bad, Lydia said she was the global connection for Gus Fring’s meth empire. Do you think she’ll be brought back too?

  • sunny

    Thank you for this podcast! I love your discussions anyway and always help me catch things I missed, but after so long since the last season, it was definitely a great help to remember everything that happened previously. I had even gotten it twisted in my own head that Saul was in actual legit witness protection.

  • KnxHarington

    I know you guys probably hate people like me by now, but I started watching Better Call Saul without ever watching Breaking Bad. With a hard job and two small children I just didn’t have the time to binge BB in between seasons of BCS. And at this point, I am enjoying BCS so much that I am perfectly fine with the idea of waiting it out and watching these shows in chronological order rather than the order in which most of the world has watched them. (In fact I think I may prefer it that way, so that I don’t become “frustrated” the way you guys sometimes insinuate that others become, when BCS takes its time working its way to BB territory.)

    The hard part is that I love your podcasts and I subscribe to several of them, but I am becoming afraid about listening to your BCS recaps. In the season 3 BCS recap you spent maybe 1/3 of the show talking about a character who has not even been formally introduced. I understand that Gus is some kind of cool criminal character from BB, and I don’t consider knowing this fact to be a spoiler. But you also mentioned some BB plot specifics, plus some Gus character specifics, and it’s hard (and dangerous) to fast forward a podcast while driving.

    So here is my request: At the start of the next podcast, please make a decision, and make an announcement. Should people like me stop listening? If you want to have the freedom to talk about BB details I will gracefully unsubscribe. But I really don’t want to get spoiled. Or crash my car.

    • TrentC

      I can’t speak for the podcasters of course but I think there’s going to be some crossover talk (and unavoidable spoilers) because of the nature of the relationships and characters.

      If Rob and Antonio can podcast about BCS without referencing events from BB, hats off to them.

      *and you’re going to lose your mind when you watch Breaking Bad. It’s a different animal than Better Call Saul. Ramping up the tension over five well acted and superbly written seasons would be an understatement when describing Breaking Bad.

  • Just had to say yayyyyy, glad this podcast is back! Antonio.. I missed ya. Loved the episode… especially all the fun with Mike. Never gets boring and I sure didn’t realize he wasn’t talking that whole time, I was mesmerized. Whole heartedly agree with you guys, that kid is related to Gus!! I really don’t understand though, with as smart as Jimmy is how he can be so naive sometimes about Chuck and what he’s up to. I am excited for more, and especially this podcast! Well that about covers it from me this week, thanks boys and F*** Chuck!!!

  • DanG

    Glad the podcast is back! Loved the rainbow discussion… I was thinking the same thing… if you paint over enough rainbows, eventually you end up in a world with no color at all…. just like Gene.