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Game of Thrones Deep Dive: Season 7, Episode 1 – Dragonstone

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Game of Thrones: Deep Dive Season 7 Premiere Podcast for Dragonstone, airing on HBO on July 16th, 2017

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) are back to look deep into the flames of R’hllor and discuss all the latest developments and revelations that they see therein following the airing of the premiere episode of season 7 of HBO’s hit fantasy drama series ‘Game of Thrones’, “Dragonstone”.

Please feel free to leave your comments/questions/feedback in the comments section below, or tweet us using the hashtag #PSRecaps. Join us again next week for more in-depth analysis of the winner and losers in “the Game of Ice & Fire”.

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  • Laws

    Not really feeling Josh turning the podcast into a series of Hollywood Reporter-esque segments.

    We’re not looking for actor quotes and bts details. We’re looking for the same thing we want from all the other PSR podcasts – you guys to talk about the plot of the episode we just watched.

    • @Wharfrat1625

      We’ll still get the feedback show though. It’s ultimately an extra podcast every week & I’m loving that.

      • TrentC

        Dumb question, do we get three podcasts per week for Game of Thrones? Snow it Alls, Deep Dive and Feedback?

        I was pumped hearing about getting two podcasts per episode. Thanks.

        • Asher Forrester

          Yup!! Three podcasts per week~ Rob is really spoiling us this season! >_<

  • Asher Forrester

    I really can’t wait for Nymeria’s return!! Now that it’s sorta official about the possible reunion of Nymeria & Arya…You guys have to talk about it on the feedback show,….how do you think it’s gonna happen? It is also exciting to think that reuniting with Nymeria could lead Arya down a different path….she could also travel a lot faster…and maybe even back to Winterfell a lot sooner than we think??

    I love that Ed Sheeran was brought in as a surprise for Maisie Williams – that’s so sweet!! It must have been such a surreal moment for the both of them – and you can tell from the very awkward exchanges between them in that scene! LOL. My “off the wall” theory for Ed Sheeran’s character, if he does get one more appearance next episode – cos why not? He will have to go out in a big way, right? What’s bigger than getting ripped to pieces by a direwolf? Is that how Nymeria makes her long awaited return? xD

    Also I’m loving the extra BTS info on the cast interviews….and I can’t wait to hear about Comic Con next week!!! As someone who’s living half way across the globe and cannot attend an event like that – it is very much appreciated to get even a little insight to what goes on – so Thank you Josh for sharing and Rob for giving us an EXTRA GoT podcast every week!! <3

  • Anominal

    Six and a half minutes in… And I feel like I just got spoiled about something happening later on in this season.

    • Since we’re ahead of the books, Josh is speculating but it’s only a guess of what’s going to happen.

  • 2dog

    Love the info thank you. Fantastic podcast!

  • Fernando Castro

    Feedback question:
    I hear a lot of people still believing that the way the white walkers come south is by breaking through and destroying the Wall. However, based on the Hound’s vision, can we maybe conclude the Night’s King and his army actually may just simply go AROUND the Wall where it meets the sea, and the Wall will, as the archmaester said, remain intact?

  • Asher Forrester

    OK…I’m not sure if this is just me…but I find the criticism and backlash to Ed Sheeran’s guest appearance a bit ridiculous, right? How’s it different from an award winning actor or a really famous actor appearing on the show as a new character? Like the most recent example in this premiere episode, Jim Broadbent appeared as a new character on the show – why isn’t it jarring seeing him suddenly appear in this season? You can make the same argument for any famous face that comes on the show! Just cos Ed Sheeran’s not an actor but a singer his appearance is getting criticised? I don’t understand that logic! LOL

    • SaraMadridista

      I was pressed because I thought Arya is finally going to meet Gendry.

      • Asher Forrester

        That is still very much a possibility though! >_< No one thought we would ever see Nymeria again…and look where we are now, right?

    • Stephen Fishbach

      I think the issue was that Ed Sheeran was basically just playing “Ed Sheeran” and not a character. It’s like if Beyonce performed a song at the Red Wedding. It definitely took me out of the show. That said, I feel really bad that people reacted so strongly that he apparently deleted his Twitter account! Poor guy. He must have been so psyched for his big moment on GoT and then it turned into a cultural flashpoint.

      • Asher Forrester

        I know….and he was doing it just so he could surprise Maisie Williams!!

        To be fair though…he was given a role that was basically himself! They gave him a song to sing, and one line of dialogue…not that much of a character to play, right? The criticism probably shouldn’t be directed towards him….but to whoever decided to give him this role to play….which is most likely David & Dan! xD

      • That would have been lit!

    • Barbarella

      I was listening to another podcast about the show and the woman didn’t even know who Ed was (living under a rock, or what?) and still proceeded to bag his appearance on the show. WTF ? My only criticism was that he looked too clean and neat to be on GoT. About him appearing again – what are the chances of Arya or anyone else running into the same band of random Lannister army folk ?

      • Asher Forrester

        Yeah….they should have changed his appearance a little bit like given him a scar or a burnt face or something! Maybe if he was a bit less recognizable people wouldn’t be complaining as much! LOL

        The last time we saw Arya she was still hanging out with the Lannister Soldiers… we didn’t see her leave yet….she could still be hanging out with them when we check back in with her…and something else could go terribly wrong….and that’s when Nymeria pops up! >_< Who knows….what do you think? Any ideas on how Nymeria will make her long awaited return? 😀

  • SaraMadridista

    A logistic question: How did Bran reach wall before white walkers?

    • Asher Forrester

      Cos the White Walkers like to take their sweet ass time!! LOL Probably also too busy raising the dead on the way down~ They gonna need as many as possible if they planning on taking down that WALL!!! >_<

  • Barbarella

    Does Bran tell Ed about Jon’s parentage? Who else alive knows? I pictured Euron’s gift being Tyrion or just his head. If it is him alive and Cersei wants to sick the Mountain on him then Jaime would intervene. Arya’s first kill was Trant? Could she pop up as him in Kings Landing?

  • Jonathan Purves

    I don’t think Arya is going to ride on top of Nymeria Asher Forrester!

    Now I think about it, I’ve been wondering how Jon Snow is going to travel down to Dragonstone and then get all the way back to Eastwatch for the big battle. Perhaps he’ll fly a dragon back!

  • Patricia Marie Housh

    I hope your powers of prediction are wrong this time, Josh! I don’t think I can handle that. I’m hoping Season 7 will be filled with Stark blood since they are the most unworthy house in all of Westeros, and at the risk of being the grumpy Randy Bailey voice in the realm of GoT, I’m going to say that Jon Stark is one of the most over-hyped and disappointing characters in this epic saga.