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Game of Thrones | Season 5 Episode 9 LIVE Recap


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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler recap the Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 9 with a review of “The Dance of Dragons”.

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  • Snazzy Bean

    Guys, on the show Jaqen H’ghar’s name is pronounced “jah-ken”, not “jay-ken”. Do you pronounce it that way because of the audiobooks?

    • Josh Wigler

      I probably pronounce it differently every other podcast because I’m bad with pronouncing names.

  • Nwandoful


  • Inigo Montoya

    Bahahaha @ sons of the harpies mask give away day.

  • StormOfSpoilers

    Another great podcast, thanks guys. Also, nice Metal Gear reference, Wig!

  • Laws

    In a fictional story, everything happens for a reason. I think Hizdar ensured that the harpies could get in, then they betrayed him.

    As a book reader, where was Dany whipping and taming Drogon as he engulfs her in flames?? My second favorite scene from the books.

    • Rory

      That was my main complaint, I’m glad someone mentioned it. Dany took control in the book, she showed fight and fire. In the episode she just meekly climbed onto Drogons back after cowering with Missandei.

      • Laws

        Yes, I loved the book scene because it was a character moment. Dany rejects her new “harpy” life and becomes the “dragon” again. She tames/proves herself to Drogon then escapes from a world that she never should have entered into.

        The show’s version was just an action scene. I didn’t find any poignance in it.

    • MikeIn Cleveland

      Interesting, as a book reader myself I find D&D are saving the Meereen storyline from the huge bore it was in Martin’s hands. God help us if she still ends up in the Dothraki Sea again. If it wasn’t for Dorne sucking so badly Daenerys would be the most overrated under-delivering (character and storyline) of the entire book series.

      • Laws

        I love what they’ve done to edit down the Easteros (and Westeros, for that matter) plotlines, but think they cheapened that particular scene by trying to add more action and violence.

        (P.S. I LOVED Dorne in the books and think that it’s slowly getting better – *better* – on the show.)

  • I’m about to listen to this, but before I do I just want to say that if I were a Sons of Harpy and Drogon showed up I’d be throwing my mask away and running. Not throwing spears at it and hoping for the best. #SorryHarpy.

  • Martin Hess

    How is this a win for the damn harpies? They literally killed nobody important, lost their ally (by their hand) and they have shown how utterly unreasonable they are.

    Identify as many a dead harpy as possible, then purge the city.

    • Matt The Golem

      Religious zealots are not portrayed as logical or sensible in GoT.

      • Martin Hess

        Water is wet. What is the meaning of your reply?

        • Matt The Golem

          Sons of the Harpies killing spree didn’t make rational sense, but did make for a great action scene.

  • Every parent let out a collective “Fuck you Stannis” after this episode. I’ll still support him in the books until I know for sure he won’t go this way. Drogon was amazing though, kudos to the CGI department

    • Trixie02

      That was so hard to watch.

      • So so hard

        • Angie

          I just read that D&D included this plot line after conferring with GRRM…

          • Conferring as in getting a heads up on what’s going to happen in Winds, or conferring as in making sure its okay with him that they do this?

          • Angie

            Potential BOOK SPOILER:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::At the end of each episode (HBO GO) D&D provide commentary about the episode and they say this about the scene in question, “When George told us about this…” So, I interpret that to mean that WOW is going to include this as well…And now I really just want Brienne to kill the lot of them, Boltons, Baratheons, et al.

          • LosPollosHermanos

            the former

    • toast

      They seem to be enjoying generating brand new “Okay, this is too much” moments this season. I dread to think what they will have to do in Season 9 to shock us.

  • Davos will be all right, as long as he doesn’t lose his head

  • MustardCannon

    Throughout the whole series I’ve been a Stannis supporter, but he just instantly jumped into my top list of “People Who Need to Pay the Iron Price”. What outcome do you guys expect from this horrific sacrifice? (I always enjoy these podcasts and they have become essential listening through my week). Thank you!

    • Matt The Golem

      I don’t know about Stannis but Shireen’s screams are going to be haunting me for a long time!

  • More Hodor

    You guys were saying that people will not be as upset about Shireen as they were about Sansa. I beg to differ. I think lots of people are already weary of the seemingly unnecessary badness. Watching the scene with Shireen was so much worse for me. Bad bad bad. Also, I thought the Dany / Drogon joyride was SO CHEESEY! All I could think of when she grabbed the razor sharp scales on his back was how it was going to feel when she was sitting astride – ouch!! Love your podcast!!!!!!! I am addicted.

    • Dan C

      Agreed. Shireen’s scene was so much harder to watch. honestly it wasn’t even close. Shireen might be the nicest character in the series. All her past scenes with Davos and even Gilly were so sweet. She saw the good in everyone. Plus, there’s room for redemption with Sansa. There’s no coming back for Shireen. 🙁

      • Chlsea_1905

        You’re right. Both events were horrible but like you said Sansa is still alive and can still have an impact on the story. Shireen didn’t even get the mercy that Mance got from Jon. I have to believe that while Davos knew something was off about Stannis wanting the princess to stay, he did not believe Stannis was capable of sacrificing his own daughter. Who would ever believe someone could be capable of that? I can’t believe that Stannis’s men are so indoctrinated by the religion of R’hllor that they just stood there watching all this happen.

        • toast

          Sansa can get Revenge.

          I’m a father. In Stannis’ shoes I’d be saying “Everyone, I’m taking my daughter and going home. Melisande, it’s been interesting times. See ya around.”

          • Matt The Golem

            His soldiers must also be thinking, “If that’s what Stannis does with his daughter, what are his plans for us?! Later dudes I’m outta here!”

    • Meren Roberts

      I thought watching Danny flying on dragon was REALLY bad. Bad bluescreen and sitting on a toy.

      • Matt The Golem

        Agree, the production value on some of those shots was sketchy. But tv has a limited budget. All the Wildlings dressing alike is also probably due to budget and time constraints.

  • TP222

    I hate Ramsey, but I really want him to give Stannis the “Reekment”. Break out the cross! Another kick ass cast, guys!

  • Jackie Swanson

    Great podcast guys. Are you worried about Jon Snow’s future as Lord Commander of the Wall? Season 5 seems to be all about the obvious hint drop. Jon’s second in command and that twerp Ollie for example are definitely not happy with the Snow administration. What havoc can they “reek”. #survivor10million

  • Jackie Swanson

    Thanks guys. Great podcast as usual! Are you guys worried about Jon Snow’s future as Lord Commander? It seems the writers are very big this season on obvious hinting on what’s to come. I mean come on do we need another bad look by that twerp Ollie or a passive/aggressive one liner by Allister? #survivortenmillion

  • unfaithfullyyours

    OK, so – Stannis needs to kill Melisandre, Davos needs to kill Stannis, Theon needs to kill Roose, Sansa needs to kill Ramsay, Brienne needs to kill … anyone, Bronn and Jamie need to kill the sand snakes, and possibly anyone who wrote any of the scenes in Drone, Alexander Siddig needs to kill his agent, anybody can kill Olly anytime they want and Cersei needs to just it over with already and kill herself.

  • swift00001

    I’ve been waiting for your Q&A show what’s the dealyo