Avengers: Infinity War Review | The State of the Marvel Universe

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Avengers: Infinity War Review | The State of the Marvel Universe


Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Jim Gibbons (@TheJimGibbons) get together to discuss AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, the latest Marvel Studios blockbuster that brings ten years of stories to a climactic head.
In this podcast, Josh and Jim deliver a full spoiler breakdown of the film’s twists and turns, the brutal ending, all things Thanos, and forecasting what’s to come in 2019’s Avengers sequel. They give ample warning before the spoilers begin, by first diving into their own personal history with the Marvel Cinematic Universe — an entertainment endeavor that was birthed into existence the same year Josh and Jim first met.
Following their discussion of INFINITY WAR, Josh and Jim spend time focusing on some of the other films and TV shows they haven’t had a chance to catch up on since their most recent podcast series together, in which they covered THE DEFENDERS on Netflix. Starting around the 1:18:00 mark, Josh and Jim dive into BLACK PANTHER, THOR RAGNAROK, THE PUNISHER, JESSICA JONES, RUNAWAYS, LEGION and THE GIFTED.
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  • Tusk

    Thank goodness! I’ve fallen off TWD a while ago, too boring, and GOT is still a ways away so I haven’t been able to get my dose of Wigler entertainment knowledge. Wish you guys posted more Movie reviews, bummed you haven’t done the Netflix shows, the Marvel ones and even Lost in Space, which turned out to be much better than I thought it would be back. Thanks for this 🙂

    • Lance Davis

      Agree 100%! We need MORE PSR content besides TWD + GoT. I wish the fellas would branch off more and podcast about other shows like they used to. The site has kind of went stagnant besides the TWD + GoT coverage.

  • Tusk

    This was the first movie, in a loooong time, I made an effort to avoid as many spoilers as possible. I finally had to cave in and see it, even that I haven’t had the occasion to see Black Panther yet. I really enjoyed it, it was fun to go to a movie and actually be surprised at some of the reveals. They did a really good job keeping the characters’ tone the same as from their individual movies. Dr Strange felt like he came from his movie, the Guardians were Gunn’s Guardians (I read he helped write some dialogue).

    I agree, I didn’t feel the length of the movie, that speaks to great writing, directing and pacing. I’m going to reserve an opinion on this story because it’s only half over. The fact that some of the heroes that died have coming movies kind of dulled the gravity of their ‘deaths’, but that’s just one of the things that is so tiny that it’snot worth tweaking about as that will make you miss what is actually a well made movie.

    There are times I thought the humor was misplaced, but again, the pace and speed of the story telling didn’t give you time to think on it too much.

    I’ll finish w/ this by saying, it’s ridiculous the difference between Movie Studios. Marvel, it shows that it’s creators care about the characters. The CG level of detail was so good on Thanos as compared to say, Apocolypse. Thanos had weight, he looked like he belonged in the scene. It feels like they went BS crazy w/ special effects in Apocolypse to cover up their poor imagining of Apocolypse.

    It wasn’t the ‘best’ Marvel movie IMO, but you cannot deny how well they executed such a monumental project. A solid B+ from me

    PS…. Banner in the Hulk Buster, when his head is sticking out, that was surprisingly bad CG compared to the rest of the movie, but still, how well they did on this movie, I can overlook one or two “whoops”

  • Beefcake


  • Matthew Murphy

    Not only was IW awesome but they managed to cast Carrie Coon in a movie where a chunk of the population vanishes. I see what you’re doing Marvel. Although I wish she got a bigger role in the MCU, she’s amazing.

  • Ana Horvat

    I hated this movie. Hated.
    Which I did not expect at all since I loved both Guardians movies, enjoyed previous Avengers and Captain America, and first Thor. I was fully ready to enjoy this one.
    I found the continuous mix of humour and high drama very forced. There would be like 10 semi-successful and often misplaced jokes in a row, followed by a scene between a pair of lovers or siblings/relatives experiencing the most tragic moment of their life, followed by another row of jokes, followed by another tragic moment and so on. High tragedy and heartbreak had no build up to it so I found it impossible to care for anyone in those scenes. New set of characters in each scene didn’t help with connecting to them either.
    I thought the end battle had some cool moments, but that’s about it.

    I enjoyed A Quiet Place so much more than this.

  • SJ

    I was ridiculously excited to see this podcast. I really enjoy the Marvel ones, because I am a “casual” (movies only – no comics or backstory) and think it’s interesting to hear the varying viewpoints.

    I will admit that I was one of the people whining that the deaths were a waste and nothing would stick. I really liked hearing Josh and Jim’s perspective on that, and on the possibilities that it opened up. I honestly think I appreciate this movie more than before I listened to the podcast, so thank you!