Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season Finale Recap | AKA Smile

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Listen to the podcast:

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened!

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Kevin Mahadeo (@kevmahadeo) laugh and cry their way through “AKA Smile,” the season one finale of “Marvel’s Jessica Jones,” and the final episode of their podcast — at least until the next Marvel hero hits Netflix. They unpack the final confrontation between Jessica and Kilgrave, the story threads left dangling for season two, the return of a “Daredevil” fan-favorite character, the possibilities for the upcoming “Luke Cage” series, and much more. Plus, Kevin owes Josh a beer. Isn’t life grand?

Thanks to all the daily watchers and listeners, as well as all you Bingeing Billies out there, for following along with our “Jessica Jones” coverage. Special thanks to Kevin for dedicating himself to the copious amount of podcasting during a very busy time. Let us know what you thought of our “Jessica Jones” podcasts in the comments below, and tell us what you would like to see Post Show Recaps cover next.

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  • Antoni

    There is 2 ways of looking at this from my perspective (lol).
    Either we treat it as some kind of greek tragedy that so many people die because Jessica didn’t kill Killgrave way back when in hope of saving Hope Sch?lapman,
    It is really uncreative and convenient from the writers part to have Killgrave escape so many times in so many, khm, convenient ways throughout the run of the show… so much more things could have been done.
    That and episode 10 aside, I loved this, had lots of fun watching and listening 😀

  • A.Claire

    It was a fine finale for me. Not that great for me but not bad at all either probably because I also have mixed feelings about Killgrave.

    I was glad Killgrave was dead because he’s really a horrible, horrible villain but at the same time kinda sad we wouldn’t get to see this character anymore because in my opinion, Killgrave was the star of the show and David Tennant himself is such a great actor that it was a shame he’s not gonna be in this show anymore. And also, we might not get the purple children in the future (although I have a feeling we might given the preserved fetus).

    I was also happy to see Claire but still, I was mostly disappointed that we didn’t see a cameo or even get a glimpse of Matt Murdock. Anyway, there’s still Defenders in the future.

    Do you guys think that the IGH is also tied to the chemicals that Matt got from the accident? I would have want that storyline to be in Defenders rather than JJ S2 because of how vast and broad it can get.

    I was disappointed that Luke Cage just left JJ without even a word. I’m sure we’ll get more of their relationship in the future but it was a shame that he just left abruptly.

    BTW, I just heard DD was nominated for the stunts in SAG Awards and it was up against big shows like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and others but I believe DD should take that award.

    Lastly, thanks again guys. It was a fun ride and also thankful you gave time to podcast each episode. See you guys again! 🙂

  • Edwin Hernandez

    Before listening to this podcast I just want to say I thought this was a lackluster finale. Was a bit of a letdown