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Josh Wigler & Antonio Mazzaro Recap the Season 3 Premiere of Mr. Robot, “eps3.0_power-saver-mode.h”

Consider this your first hole punched on the journey toward your just Red Wheelbarrow desserts, as Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) are back in action to talk about the newest episode of Mr. Robot. In their recap of the season three premiere, Josh and Antonio run through all of the major reveals, including what’s happening inside of the Washington Township power plant, the introduction of Bobby Cannavale’s Irving, Angela’s true motivations, Elliot’s renewed focus, and more.

All season long, Josh will be interview cast and crew members for The Hollywood Reporter. Check out this week’s coverage below:

• Sam Esmail on the show’s science fiction swerve
• Sam Esmail on the premiere’s political stance
• Carly Chaikin on Darlene in distress
• Kor Adana breaks down the season three premiere

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  • Ankit Israni

    Hey rob,you should work on notification alert option for individual series…..i had to visit multiple times to check for this episode…..also i would like if player had speed up option….just some suggestions to improve the experience

  • TrentC

    Hello friend, the disqus account was hacked. I hope they kept paper back ups.

  • SaraMadridista

    I think this is by far my favorite episode of mr robot, the way it was shot is gorgeous and I dont like that this show could go to sci-ficiton route but BUT my mind is opened to how they would represent it to us.

    PS: I wonder you guys if you watched night of? I just hope a podcast would be made about it, it is outstanding tv show

  • Richard Harrow

    If you stop referring to Dom as DDP we will rate you on iTunes. Pretty please. With sugar.

  • Megan

    I haven’t gotten this far in the podcast yet, so I don’t know if this was discussed but, anyone else think Angela might be a double agent? And I mean double agent in the sense that she is working with Mr. Robot in order to protect Elliot? Or did everything with Whiterose mess her up so bad that she’s full on Team Robot and Elliot be damned? Thoughts?

    • TrentC

      Not sure on that, but as Antonio and Josh mentioned, Angela must have been shown some pretty compelling evidence to become so onboard with White Rose and her plan. I see Angela as one of the most intelligent and forward thinking characters on the show. As in, non-flaky and stable. I think that part of the scene we didn’t see between Angela and White Rose will be one of the key flashback moments for the entire season.