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Once Upon a Time, Season 4 Finale Recap | Operation Mongoose

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Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) and Curt Clark (@CurtClark), after styling their Evil Queen fauxhawks, recap the season finale of Once Upon a Time.

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  • John Johnson

    I’m really not sure about the direction of this show anymore. This finale felt so forced and campy, maybe I’m starting to move on or maybe this means the series finale is coming soon?

  • Kathie

    We were completely led to believe that Isaac was not from our world, when he walked into Granny’s Diner last episode, pointed at a bagel and asked, “What is this?” Now we know the bagel just wasn’t up to his standards. 🙂

  • Rick Marshall

    OK, this is really confusing. Isaac essentially created a new realm (the Heroes vs. Villains book) and this realm was contained within a book. OK, got that. But didn’t he also make changes in the “real world”, that is, our world? Specifically, didn’t he “write” the fact that his book would become a best seller in our world? Or did he actually earn that best seller status on his own merit? The implication is that he “wrote” that his book would become a best seller, since the book seemingly disappeared when Henry effectively wrote it out of existence. So, if he has the power to make actual changes in the real world, why couldn’t he have written changes to all the characters in our world rather than forcing them into the artificial construct of the book? Hurts to think…

  • Shannonf1010

    The one thing main nitpick I have with the season is regarding the traveling the characters are doing. We all know the timeline is super wonky at this point. For instance we’ve established that Cruella deVil lived in her own alternate world originally. How did Cruella get from that alternate world to the enchanted forest?

    Also, if Isaac was hired as the author in 1966, did he just never age after that? Is this because he lived in the enchanted forest or because he kept himself young?