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SNL Recap: Jim Carrey Hosts on October 26, 2014


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Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg review the latest Saturday Night Live hosted by Jim Carrey with musical guest Iggy Izalea from Saturday, October 25, 2014


Rob Cesternino is joined by SNL expert Rich Tackenberg to break down the October 25, 2014 episode hosted by Jim Carrey with musical guest Iggy Azalea!

Rob and Rich start the show by discussing potential SNL Halloween costumes. Rich thinks he would go as Drunk Uncle, while Rob would either go as Stefon (though it might feel outdated) or Sexy Jebediah Atkinson. From there, Rob and Rich discuss the cold open and Jim Carrey’s monologue, with Rich breaking out his Aunt Linda grading scale to give both a “hoo boy”. Rob agreed, saying that there’s never a worse way to start an episode of SNL than with the words “next on CSPAN…” Both were also left fairly cold by Carrey’s “Hellvis” monologue, though Rich liked Bobby Moynihan’s role in it.

The guys were much more fond of the Lincoln commercial parodies. They found the recurring segments funny, though Rob thought Carrey’s impression of Matthew McConaughey was terrible and Rich couldn’t believe that Kenan Thompson was supposed to be playing Dennis Haysbert. They also enjoyed the Carrey Family Reunion sketch, with Rich appreciating the show for following his rule of cameos with the Jeff Daniels appearance. Rich really liked the “Paul and Phil” sketch early on, but felt that it got repetitive very quickly.

Other topics discussed include a check-in on the state of Weekend Update, the pros and cons of the “Chandelier” sketch, and the addition of Leslie Jones to the cast as a featured player. Plus, Rich offers insights into the interpersonal dynamics of the cast by examining the goodnights.

SNL Recap: We review Jim Carrey Hosting Saturday Night Live with musical guest Iggy Izalea from October 25, 2014

SNL Recap: We review Jim Carrey Hosting Saturday Night Live with musical guest Iggy Izalea from October 25, 2014

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  • StephenDrabek

    Someone on reddit a couple years ago posted on their intern experience on the show and the Jim Carrey episode was his first one. Asked who was the strangest host, he said:

    “Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey seemed like he had severe ADD or ADHD. He would fidget, constantly check himself, slick his hair, and was really weird and bad at interacting with the folks around him. He was nice, but he seemed really wacked out the entire time. […] It was really disheartening. Especially because it was my first show. I remember thinking “oh god. If Jim Carrey’s like this, maybe ALL of my favorite celebrities are like this. Oh god. Oh no. I think I’m gonna be sick.” luckily that wasn’t the case. […] There was one sketch in particular that he did, where he was a psychic
    who would pretend to channel people, but in reality he was just good at
    impressions (amazing premise, just okay execution) and while they were
    blocking it, he didn’t talk to the other two people in the sketch (Jason
    and one of the girls. Vanessa maybe?) and he just messed around with
    the crystal ball, and would talk to himself. He’s out there man.”

    So that could be one reason for the so-called “moat” during Goodnights. I recommend checking that reddit thread out for some cool little behind the scenes stories.

    • Wow, fantastic pull on this one. makes total sense (and no sense). thanks!

  • Robert Penner

    The MP3 download link is broken.

  • Robert Penner

    Here’s the SNL intern Reddit thread. Lots of good stories.

  • Paul Borges
  • Mike Bloom

    I think the point of the Ghost Hunters sketch was that Leslie Jones was a resident scientist/ghost skeptic. It seems like every ghost hunters show has that character now to play Devil’s Advocate. The humor came from the fact that her logic went out the window when she heard something, and got really freaked out by the ghosts. What really sold it for me was Jones’s delivery, I think her high energy was perfectly suited for this.

    I’m generally higher on the episode than you guys are. But that might come from the fact that I grew up during the Jim Carrey heyday, so he can rarely do wrong in my eyes.

  • Dan C

    The Carrey family reunion was amazing.