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Sons of Anarchy Season 7, Episode 9: What a Piece of Work is Man Recap

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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) recap episode 9 of the final season of Sons of Anarchy, “What a Piece of Work is Man Recap”.

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  • Abi Charlye Franco

    Of all the different ways Uncer could find out that Gemma was lying (e.g Juice, Abel, Lin), do you think it was a bit of a cop out to just have Dunn be in a different state when the murder happened?

  • Abi Charlye Franco

    Do you think Jarry will survive this season/series?

  • BigJ8806

    wheres the chat room?

  • Phil The-Issues-Guy

    Couldn’t Jarry of just been satisfied with an embrace maybe a passionate kiss the fact she wanted him to just jump her in front of Quin and make her self out to be…well you all know

  • ryan webb

    All the questions come down to bad writing.

  • Dutchwhiskey

    Bobby must have tipped the scales at over 300lbs. Couldn’t he have just laid on his back to keep Marks from getting to the gun? No one is moving Bobby’s dead weight!

  • Clayton Holmes Jr

    Anyone else suspect that Rats girlfriend Brooke might be the rat? Wasn’t she home with the baby when Gemma’s birds were killed? And are we to believe she didn’t hear what was going on? I think she may still have a grudge against the club because Jax’s dad John Teller was involved in the accident that killed her father. She could be getting club info from Rat then passing it on to August. Just a theory.