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The Sinner | Season 2, Episode 5 Recap

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The Sinner | Season 2, Episode 5 Recap

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) are your Beacons of light for this week’s episode of “The Sinner,” starring Bill Pullman and Carrie Coon. In their discussion of “Part V,” Josh and Antonio weigh in on the reveals about Moswood, the secrets behind Julian’s parenthood, more suspicions toward Jack Novack, and more. Submit questions and comments about the podcast at

  • SaraMadridista

    I dont know if this feedback will reach you guys.

    But I have a question to Antonio, since he saw the first season, I was wondering if in this season, the sinner isnt as clear cut as it was in season 1 (with no spoilers of course), this season feel like it has multiple sinners from Vera, to Detective’s Harry to of course Julian the killer, to even Heather who pushed her best friend away to point of joining this “commune”.

    Great to see you and Josh back together for a season, I also started to watch season 1 so I can catch up on season 2 to watch Carrie Coon, this series didnt disappoint one bit and am glad you picked this show to podcast about.

  • XmanIce

    I just discovered this podcast last week, I’m glad Antonio and Josh are covering it. Now I can’t wait for Mr. Robot to come back.
    I actually just discovered this series last weekend and binged the 1st season. I’m caught up now and really like that it’s a good mystery.

  • Glad to hear you aren’t going anywhere
    Antonio. 🙂 You always do such a great job.

    So, my thought was on the Beacon and what happened to him. Could he have let himself be the scapegoat and had his members kill him? Now that he had his heir, he would take over.

    About to watch last nights episode so ignore me if they answered it.