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The Strain, Episode 13 Season Finale Recap: “The Master”

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On this recap, Josh Wigler (@RoundHoward) is joined by co-host, Antonio Mazzaro (@ACMazzaro), to recap episode 13, the season finale, of The Strain: “The Master”.

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  • Tom Oosterbroek

    Good podcast, guys!

    I agree, for a season finale it was very underwhelming. It seemed like business as usual.

    What I think the season did well is set up a post apocalyptic world that could be awesome. So much potential, but it will have to pick up steam to get to a 3rd season.

    Personally though, I find even the bad episodes very watchable. I suppose it scratches a pulpy itch I have.

  • prett77

    Here are a few thoughts of mine from your podcast. First, considering Abraham said it was decades since he last encountered the Master, it’s pretty remarkable that he has now encountered him twice in one week. Second, I wonder if the show will imply that the mastermind behind the holocaust was the Master as an attempt to shield himself from the cold blade hands group (I hope not but it was a thought that came to me in the middle of your podcast). Last, I am wondering what the organizational structure of the cold blade hands group is? The Master certainly is a dictator or king or something similar but the other group seems tho have multiple leaders. Do they have equal leadership powers or maybe one of the masters is the supreme master? Just a few thoughts. Good job with this season as well as your season of the Leftovers.

  • homertownie

    Hugely disappointed in the TV show. It is just another “Lost” that will go nowhere. The show started with an attack on NYC, so it either had to win or lose NYC in season one. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, wants a TV series that spends 18 weeks showing a few days and then stick around another year to see another few days.

    If you can’t beat “24” in live action time, then don’t try. The whole premise of this show is SOOOO STUUUUUPID…that centuries old vampires attack NYC and nobody finds out for what, 3-5 seasons of the show? How stupid do they think the viewers are?

    The show either should have started small, attacking a very remote place, or finished in one season if they attacked NYC or other major cities. Its not like NYC has zombies killing thousands of people and “Good Morning America” can’t find a few minutes in its FIVE HOURS OF DAILY BROADCAST to say anything. Much less the TEN HOURS OF LATE NIGHT BROADCASTING from NYC every day.

    Nobody will watch season 2. It is worse than stretching “The Hobbit” into three movies. I regret every second I spent watching this worthless hole of a story.