Twelve Monkeys Movie Podcast | A Time-Traveling Retrospective

Listen to the Podcast

Listen to the Podcast:

Stuck in a well? Waiting for a giant claw to pluck you out of your hammock? Buying time before your flight to Rio de Janeiro? Why not listen to some Twelve Monkeys talk!

After the second season of the SyFy series was recently announced, AJ Mass (@AJMass) and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) got together to talk about the 1995 Terry Gilliam film that inspired it. The two take a deep dive into the movie (which Mike only saw for the first time in preparation for this podcast!), including Brad Pitt’s Oscar nominated role, the romance between Jim Cole and Dr. Railly, and the significance of the final scenes.

AJ has many more movies he’s ready to expose Mike to, much like a virus in an airport. If you like this podcast and want to hear more like it, let us know in the comments below!

  • omegabob

    As of around the early 2000’s the 12 Monkeys stencil logo (from a location shoot) was still visible at at least one location in Philly. I haven’t been to that part of town since then so I dunno if its still there.

  • Beefcake

    Just last night while I was watching TV and eating Cheetoes, I thought, “Why the frick doesn’t PSR do a 12 Monkeys podcast?”

    Ask and ye shall receive.

    • Beefcake

      Then I listened to the podcast and found out it was about the movie, not the TV show.

      I have been crying every since. 🙁

  • Omega Kin

    legends of the fall would be nice retrospective, i like time spanning family epics

  • Liz Lanning Marvan

    I just listened to the podcast after pausing to watch the movie. I thought I saw it when it came out but must have missed it. I really enjoyed listening to you both talk about it and now am going to binge watch the show! Looking forward to hearing you guys talk about other movies. 🙂

  • Steve Flowers

    Awesome job Mike and AJ. I was 17 when this movie came out and absolutely loved it. When I met the person who would become my wife in college a couple of years later, we went to go see Fight Club together and I found out she loved 12 Monkeys too (Brad Pitt obviously came up in conversations about the movies). I knew she was a keeper then. I remember in high school thinking that the scientist at the end on the plane was actually herself from that time, and it wasn’t until re-watching later that I finally put it together that she had come back to grab the sample. Again – great job on the podcast. I look forward to the further education of the young Mike Bloom in movies.

  • Natrone Beans

    Great job aj. Your love for this classic really shines through. Mike, you should probably watch this a few more times. 2 questions I have that maybe either of you could answer. What is the significance of the boy in the barn? Throughout the 2nd act it’s mentioned everywhere, seemingly in every scene. It must have more meaning than just to show us Cole isn’t crazy. And 2, since Cole remembers this news story so well, it seems to me he must also remember the following news story that seemed to dominate the Philadelphia area. That a man by the name of James Cole had kidnapped a psychiatrist. The news report we hear even maps out the 30 hour ordeal. If he can remember 30 years later the kid was hiding in the barn surely he also remembers someone with his own name being in the news at the same time, right?