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What is Post Show Recaps?

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When Your Favorite Show Ends, We’re Just Getting Started.

Post Show Recaps is the destination for LIVE interactive webshows, as well as podcasts and blogs about your favorite TV shows and movies.

If you’re like us, you want to talk about your favorite show right after you finish watching it. Problem is, your spouse, roommate or goldfish might not be game to discuss or even watch the same TV shows as you. Lucky for you, our hosts are get started as soon as the episodes finish,ready to interact with you live and take all of your questions and comments. And if you can’t join us live or are behind in your DVR queue, all of our shows are archived and easy to find on YouTube and available to download as audio podcasts.

About Rob Cesternino

About Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino founded Post Show Recaps in February of 2014.   A lifelong television fan, Rob managed to get on TV himself as a two-time Survivor contestant (Amazon, All-Stars). After Survivor, Rob moved to Los Angeles and began a career creating interactive web series on YouTube and was the co-executive producer of Roommates, the first original web series for MySpace.TV. You can get Rob’s full bio here.

In 2010, Rob started his own podcast to talk about television with the aptly named “Rob Has a Podcast,” or “RHAP.” The first two shows Rob started covering were Survivor and the final season of LOST. RHAP gained popularity for its Reality TV coverage, centering on SurvivorBig Brother and The Amazing Race, and to date has won 3 People’s Choice Podcast Awards.

While Rob’s podcasting kept him focused on Reality TV, Rob always has plenty to say about all his favorite scripted TV programs as well. He started covering Breaking Bad on RHAP and enjoyed the audience engagement and feedback. He decided to launch Post Show Recaps to reach a new audience and cover a wider array of scripted dramas, comedy programs, and classic movies.


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