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Hey, big guys! Sun’s getting real low. Better listen to a podcast!

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) calls upon his Daredevil podcast partner Kevin Mahadeo (@kevmahadeo) and Comic Book Resources associate editor and In Your Face Jam¬†columnist Brett White (@brettwhite) for a mighty recap of Marvel’s mightiest movie, AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON.

Listen in as Josh, Kevin and Brett talk about their take on Joss Whedon’s second (and final?) Marvel movie, their favorite moments from the movie, their predictions for where the Marvel Cinematic Universe will go in phase three, and much more. Plus, they answer your burning questions about all things Avengers.

Let us know what you thought of AGE OF ULTRON and our podcast in the comments below or by hitting us up through our feedback form!

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  • Major duke lacrosse

    Great recap! Spoiler Question: after capturing Black Widow, an explosion happens to Ultrons face while saying “what doesn’t kill you, makes me stronger” … why did Ultrons face explode?

    • Josh Wigler

      The newer, upgraded, vibranium-covered Ultron body punches his old body through the face. So it’s the badass new Ultron destroying the body that’s speaking to Widow, and then continuing the conversation from his new body.

      • Major duke lacrosse

        The new body looked exactly like the old Ultron body and why would Ultron kill his own people?

        I got to watch this again

  • Beefcake

    This podcast has earned an official Beefcake SPLOOGE!!!

    ::looks up Ulysses Claw::

  • Trevor Douglas Allen

    No spoilers. I thought it was really bad. I liked 3 (4 including end credits) scenes, that were enjoyable because they set up for other films which I expect to be better. So many plot lines that came out of nowhere and didn’t make sense with past build up. Tried to hard to force the connected universe to bring every character and reference in without any actual substance. Jokes fell flat and would even make me feel uncomfortable (rape joke & blatant sexism). Natasha’s entire story was sexist, especially the bathroom scene. I felt the the first 2/3 was terrible, where the last part had all 3 good/great scenes. Ultron’s personality felt inconsistent. There were parts I liked the idea of, but I hated the execution such as Clint’s back story. The execution was awful, but I’m so excited for the Russo Brothers and the lack of Joss Whedon going forward.

    • FlareKnight

      Wow talk about elitist reviewing.

      Seriously if you hated the first Avengers so much why did you bother paying money to see this one?

      If you honestly think just inserting the Russo Brothers are going to make you actually enjoy the next one….good luck with that.

      • Trevor Douglas Allen

        Um, I liked the first Avengers it was fun. I just had a lot of issues with this one. Winter Soldier was my favorite Marvel film, so I feel positive about the Russo Brothers at this point. I thought I was going to like this Avengers going into it. I want to like all superhero films, but I couldn’t help but be bothered by this film.

        I’m sorry if my thoughts make you agitated. I just want to express my opinions on the nerdy things I adore and hope the best for even if they let me down.

  • Shane Gallagher

    Personally I didn’t enjoy this avengers as much as the first one. I didn’t like the fact that you had to see most of the other marvel movies just to know what was going on in this one and as someone who has never read a comic in my life I had no idea what was going on in the scenes where they were setting up for the next movies. I don’t think a viewer should have to look things up after a movie just know exactly what happened. Although I do understand why a huge marvel fan would love this movie and if I read a lot of the comics beforehand I probably would have loved it too.

    • FlareKnight

      It’s a fair point about the things concerning future films. But at the same time….you are watching a sequel in a series of movies. Would you complain about having to watch the previous films if you randomly threw on the Two Towers or Return of the Jedi? That’s just how sequels work.

      Plus I think it’s a good thing that they respect a viewer’s intelligence enough to say if they want to look up things they can and if they want to wait for the next movie they can.

      I haven’t read a comic in my life and I could follow where the movie was going.

    • Beefcake

      Those are inherent problems:

      (1) This is the middle film of a trilogy, so it necessarily has to set up the next film. You don’t need to (or want to) know what’s happening in the next movie. The point of a middle-of-the-trilogy movie is to make you go “Ohhhh, so that’s why that scene in Age of Ultron was in there!!!” In addition, it needs to fit into an ever-expanding single story (eg, Winter Soldier, Daredevil).

      (2) Marvel has to appeal to both casual viewers and fanboys. There was nothing in this movie that you couldn’t understand even if you never read a comic. There was some foreshadowing for the fanboys who are going to spend the next 3 years trying to guess what happens in the next movie, but you didn’t miss anything.

      It would be much, much, much easier to make a movie starting with a blank piece of paper. Making a movie like this is a lot harder because the characters are already well-known and most have over 50 years of history behind them. I think this movie handled that problem brilliantly. Fanboys and casuals can both enjoy it.

  • The MCU needs Damage Control

  • Ejay18

    i remember distinctly from the most recent season of Agents of SHIELD that the twins are inhumans… but they were experimented on.