Fifty Shades Of Grey | A Very Special Valentine’s Day Podcast

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Welcome to the red room of podcasting pain!

With FIFTY SHADES OF GREY in theaters this Valentine’s Day weekend, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) invites his valentine and wife Emily (@emelette) onto Post Show Recaps for the first time, to recap the controversial new movie.

Emily, a recent survivor of the FIFTY SHADES reading experience, primes Josh on what to expect from the new movie. Thirty minutes into the podcast, they press pause, and go off to see the film. They resume the podcast once they return from the movie, and the remaining discussion includes their thoughts on everything including the chemistry between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, the vanilla sex scenes and the sexy sex scenes, the contract negotiations between Christian and Ana, the funniest scenes of the movie, and much more. Perhaps TOO much more.

So strap yourselves in, bite your lip, and remember the safe word as we embark on the most sensual podcast in Post Show Recaps history. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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  • Cindi Wigglesworth

    Great podcast!

  • toast

    Thank you. Now I have sufficient knowledge on the subject to be up to date on this bit of current pop culture.
    I don’t need to read the books or see the movie.
    Saved me a lot of pain.
    No fists necessary.

  • Stylez

    Gotta say it was refreshing to hear both the sticky movie theater floor and a “situation” mentioned without a sticky situation drop. You both were great, fun listen

  • Tina Z. Will

    Very fun podcast and review. I never envisioned myself seeing this movie, since I had no use for the book, but nowxI’m intrigued.

  • Charlene Whalen

    Just found this podcast today. Gotta say you two really cracked me up. Hope you’ve read Grey, FSD and FSF by now. They’ll answer all your questions. Anyway, thanks for all the laughs! That was fun!

  • lucas torres

    haven’t seen fifty shades of grey, but just had to hear josh wigler talk about explicit material