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Guardians of the Galaxy LIVE Recap

Tyler Smith and Zach Brooks discuss the long awaited release of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.
Listen to the show that was recorded LIVE on Saturday, August 2nd @ 11am ET / 8am PT.

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  • MikeIn Cleveland

    Was very interested to hear you guys discuss this movie after watching it myself this weekend. First I want to say I enjoyed Zack and Tyler’s discussion of the movie but unlike Zack I didn’t fully enjoy it.

    To me this movie relies to heavy on its special effects and action to carry the mail. I found all the main characters to be underdeveloped leaving me no desire follow their continuing stories. Most Marvel origin stories work harder to establish a bond between the hero and viewers. I would also like to see the parts of the movie left on the cutting room floor because at times the storytelling seemed a little patchy. If this movie wasn’t from Marvel I would give it a higher grade but being that I know Marvel and have done much better I give this movie a C+ at best.