Sharknado 2 Review: The Best Moments, Cameos & Overall Sharknanigans


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Rob Cesternino and Matt Hoffman recap SyFy’s Sharknado 2: The Second One which aired on Wednesday, July 31, 2014.  The film is a follow up to the original Sharknado from 2013.

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In this podcast, Rob and Matt Hoffman discuss the “plot” of the film, the numerous celebrity cameos, the best moments and overall sharknanigans from the film.

Sharknado 2: The Second One Review and Discussion[/caption]

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  • Nick Fishman

    My favorite f-up in the film was that how could the air marshall slide a gun on the floor to Tara Reid when she is holding onto a rope trying to avoid being sucked out? The gun should have been sucked out of the plane yet it glides easily into Tara Reid’s hand.

  • CrumbThumber

    From what I can find, there is a total of 4 movies that are direct sequels to horror franchises that are set in space.

    Critters 4
    Hellraiser: Bloodline
    Leprechaun: In Space
    Jason X

    Besides Jason X, all the other movies “space” film was the 4th in the franchise. So, Sharknado 3 will probably be in Las Vegas. Then Sharknado 4 will be in space.

  • Guillaume Schmitt

    As always, great podcast with Matt Hoffman.

  • belinda

    I’ve been looking forward to this for so long. 😀 Yay

  • Suzi!

    Hey guys, haven’t seen the movie yet but loved the podcast!