Top 10 All-Time Superhero Movies

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The Post Show Recaps roundtable of Tyler Smith (@morelessons), Jeremiah Panhorst (@jpanhorst) and Zack Brooks (@brooksza) discuss their favorite superhero movies of all time.  Do you agree with them?

  • MikeIn Cleveland

    This show was actually more informative and entertaining than I expected. At first put it on for background noise as I cooked dinner but soon found myself more interested in the conversation than the food I was suppose to be preparing. The guys are a little rough on Spiderman 3 but make it up with their love of Spiderman 2. Well done guys.

  • Kevin Wong

    Worst lists are always fun.

    Condorman! I’d forgotten that I’d seen that.

    Supergirl, not to plug another videocast but Nostalgia Chick and Linkara had a fun cast about the movie.

    Daredevil I don’t think is bottom 5, but I can see why there was all the hate. I’d probably throw the Matt Salinger Captain America to the bottom of the pile in it’s place.

    Now would you consider TV movies/pilots for a “worst” list. Because if so Generation X and Justice League deserve to be there. And if not they deserve their own special shrine to terribleness.

  • Guillaume Schmitt

    I’m not sure i agree 100% with that final list but what can i do… However i really like the podcast, good job guys !