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Thanks for Voting for the Throners

Thank you very much for your vote. Please be sure to join us LIVE for the First Annual Throners Awards show on Tuesday, August 5th at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT.

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  • SnideSnidington

    This was a lot of fun! Really interested to see what wins in the ‘Hodor’ category.

    • Gru

      That one was really hard to pick 😀

  • GeekFurious

    You missed one of the best Tyrion scenes… the one with Pod!

  • WhiskeyTails

    UGH. I accidentally voted for Grey Worm for the person I don’t want to see again, when I meant REEK. Hate that story line.

  • Shannonf1010

    Even though it was a typo, I enjoyed that ‘Samwell Tarly’ was spelt ‘Samwell Tartlety’.

    • Alycia Swift

      Jorah Mormont was spelled Mormon as well.

  • Better Categories:
    Player of the year – Male
    -The Red Viper
    -Jaime Lannister
    -Little Finger
    -The Hound
    -John Snow

    Player of the year – Female
    -Daenerys Targaryen
    -The Red woman
    -Cersei Lannister
    -Arya stark
    -Sansa stark

    Player of the year – No pillar, stones

    Player of the year – Cut root and stem
    -Grey Worm

    Best Short (I’m sorry)
    -Tyrion Lannister

    Best song
    -Rains of Castamere
    -Bear and the Maiden Fair

    • toast

      It is kind of creepy that you could have made a category of the best character who has had his weiner removed.

  • wLfff .

    I’ve just voted. Hope it is not too late!