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24 Legacy: Series Premiere Recap Podcast

24 Legacy:  Series Premiere Recap Podcast with Josh Wigler & Rob Cesternino

24 Legacy: Series Premiere Recap Podcast with Josh Wigler & Rob Cesternino

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24 Legacy Series Premiere Recap: February 5, 2017 Following the Superbowl

Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino), Josh Wigler(@RoundHoward) break down the series premiere of “24 Legacy” and compare how it hold up the OG “24”.


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  • Matt Racine

    glad to have you guys back! I remember loving your 24 season recap podcasts leading into live another day. enjoyed last night’s premiere. it was classic 24 season 1 haha. might not be the best written show on the planet but I still have nostolgia for that ticking clock.

  • Megan

    I actually really enjoyed most of the 24 Legacy premiere. It felt good to go back to the action-packed real-time 24 that I always loved. Loving the leads so far, especially Nicole Carter, I think she could be a really interesting character. Hopefully she doesn’t get stuck in the typical “24-spouse-subplot” mold for the whole season. I agree the high school thing was ridiculous and I groaned because I knew we were going here again. But other than that a really solid premiere!

  • John Cregan

    I don’t know if I’m more excited to have 24 back, or the 24 recap podcast back. This was really funny as always.