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24: Live Another Day: Episode 10 Recap | 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm


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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler review 24: Live Another Day, Episode 10.  Josh is just so happy with this episode.   The worst it is for Jack Bauer, the better it is for Josh.  He thinks this is the best episode of the season by far and he is just so excited about how the season will close.

It seems that everyone is getting together trying to screw over Jack Bauer.  Josh thinks it’s the perfect collision of almost all of the crazy forces of 24 in one spot.

The return of Cheng Zhi was actually off their radar but it is a very good twist.  Adrian Cross turned out to be not that diabolic after all.  Josh explains where we left things off with Cheng who first appeared at the end of Season 4.  The last that was seen of him was in Season 6 when he was captured.  Cheng is perhaps Jack’s mortal enemy.

Adrian Cross is dead.  Rob thinks Adrian bit off more than he could chew.  Josh says he regrets nothing and is satisfied.  Steve Navarro is apprehended and in CIA custody.  Mark Boudreau calls in the Russians who then sneak-attacked Jack Bauer.  Josh says he’s more of like Boo-dreau and such a jerk, just as he was starting to be Jack’s Beau-bro.

The episode starts with chasing Navarro about the override device.  Josh was initially worried that Chloe was drinking the Cross tea and getting on board with his plan.  Josh thinks that Adrian bringing up Morris and Prescott has a reason and that something is gonna be revealed.

Navarro did a lot of things trying to cover up his butt and Josh thinks that it was a good move for him to carry a weapon especially when it’s Jack chasing you.  Josh says Steve may just be the most hated person on 24.

Rob would have sympathized with Mark had he not contacted the Russians. Everybody has turned around on Jack except Mark.

The analyst, the sub Jordan Reed hacks into the system and sets up Kate Morgan’s husband and it’s a sad story.  Josh explains the dynamics of Steve Navarro, Adrian Cross, and Kate Morgan’s husband.

They’re setting up everything with Navarro and the hosts are hyped that Jack is going to torture somebody for the first time in Live Another Day.  Josh says this is awesome being the full circle moment from the start of the season where the tables have turned and the situation is completely reversed.

Navarro is negotiating with Jack and seems he’s had enough.  Rob thinks it’s probably the best single moment of the episode as far as the action goes when Navarro asked for full immunity and Jack just goes to town on Steve’s hand.  Josh agrees with Rob saying it was a Jack Bauer moment.

Rob says that of all reasons that Jack has to be double-crossed, this is perhaps the dumbest thing that he’s in a love triangle.  Mark realizes the entire free world is depending on Jack Bauer and he just told the Russians how to stop it.  The hosts certainly think Mark messed things up here.

Kate Morgan’s stunt is awesome and is rising the ranks among Josh’s favorite characters in 24.  There was no deal between Jack and Steve so the death penalty is back on the table and this would make one great episode.

Josh recalls the events that explains why Jack was on the run and which cost him the past four years of his life.  Rob is wondering how Jack got away with the firefight with like 15 Russians.  Josh says Jack always gets away.

Josh thinks the “Cheng twist” may have to be the final boss. The show is just twisting and turning like crazy right now.

Josh thinks 24:Live Another Day has gotten off to an incredible start with its 2-hour premiere.  And the past 3-4 episodes are just as strong as 24 has been since Season 5.  This season started to go crazy in a good way when Navarro was outed as the mole and the drone was attacking the hospital and since then, it’s just been amazing.

Josh thinks that to see Audrey with Jack and Cheng in a room would be an explosive potential for drama, considering Audrey’s history with Cheng in Season 6.  Both Rob and Josh think Jack would take bigger revenge against Cheng any day of the week.

24: Live Another Day Recap | 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm Review

24: Live Another Day Recap | 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm Review

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  • susan appleby

    Loved this episode.
    I still don’t know how the Chinese knew that Adrian had retrieved the device from Navarro? I know,the Chinese were paying Adrian to make the device, but then it was stolen. And then the CIA had it. How did they know that Chloe and Adrian had the device with them?
    Someone suggested there is a mole working with the Chinese? Even the Russians didn’t know Adrian had the device, and they have a mole close to the President.

    Also, the Chinese don’t currently have any aircraft carriers in operation yet. So 24 must be the future.

  • Brett Barsanti

    The last two episodes have been amazing. I jumped up off the couch when Cheng was revealed. Part of me wished this were a full 24 episode season, but I don’t think these episodes would be as exciting if I knew there were still 14 episodes left.

  • Eart

    This episode was so awesome. Josh’s excitement is so infectious. The previews give away way too much …. buuuut …. this episode was so good I totally forgot about the submarine and torpedo until they appeared on the TV.

  • Josiah Ward

    No talk about Kate’s husband offing himself? Isn’t this the first we hear of his committing suicide or did I miss that? That was big news for me and added a big layer of depth to Kate’s character and made her much more relatable to jack. Great acting on her part

    • trina87

      this surprised me a lot too I thought we were going to see Kate’s husband and the reunion between the two of them. Thought it was weird that they never bothered to mention all season long that he was dead

  • Vicky Perreault

    Great show guys. My favorite episode of the season. My husband and I nearly fell out of our chairs when we saw Cheng. I am still waiting for him to say “hello Mr. Bauer” in that creepy way of his. Bring back Tony!

  • hint

    Yeah, they could use those next episode promos/previews much better 2 weeks later as the “previously in” recap.

    Awesome episode btw, but you all know that 😛