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24 Live Another Day Episode 4 Recap: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm


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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler recap the latest hour in the life of Jack Bauer on our recap of 24: Live Another Day Episode 4

In this episode Rob and Josh tackle the following questions:

  • Was this episode the high point in the four hours we’ve seen so far on 24: Live Another Day?
  • Why has Belichek been criminally underused so far this season?
  • How happy are Rob and Josh that it finally looks like Jack and Kate Morgan are on the same page?
  • How badly did Navid screw up by telling Simone that he wanted out?
  • Is Jack Bauer the nicest hostage taker of all time?
  • Were the fears of President Heller speaking in front of parliament extremely unfounded?
  • Did President Heller really do an about face extremely quickly after telling Jack to take his time and then telling the Marines to go in when they were ready?
  • How many more episodes until Mark and Audrey break up?
  • How easy is it to be a drone pilot?  Is it like playing a video game?
  • Who are the leading suspects in our ongoing #MolePatrol?
  • hint

    If you think flying drones is really easy, it’s probably because you have seen Arrested Development and you associate drone piloting immediately with Buster Bluth.

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  • Matt The Golem

    One of my favourite aspects of the PSR is the impressions. Rob if you ever try stand-up again you need to work in some voices either from 24 or GoT or impressions of other people.

  • Andy Kim

    Best part of the episode was Kate convincing Jack to surrender using the exact same “This is your only option, I’m the only one that believes you” logic that Jack uses all the time – including with Lt. Tanner 40 minutes earlier.

  • Vicky Perreault

    Great show guys! With all due respect Josh, Rob’s Heller edges out yours.

  • replaybb718

    What does KG mean at 26’28” on YT?

  • Jeff

    Not too much to say on this one pretty solid –

    Best part “I barely grazed them.”

    For a guy just accused of being a murderous traitor 3 hours ago, that drone pilot is pretty serene

    When will we see that time jump? After next episode? I bet after episode 6.