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24 Live Another Day Episode 5 Recap: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm


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LIVE at 10:15 pm ET / 7:15 pm PT on May 26th, Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler look back at 24 Live Another Day Episode 5.


24 Live Another Day Recap: Episode 5 Review, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

24 Live Another Day Recap: Episode 5 Review, 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

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  • Linus Wesley

    Great stuff! Really liked the finger getting cut off last week. I agree with Josh that the computer tech is #1 mole suspect and could have framed Kate’s husband since he’s got a crush on her. Hope it isn’t him though, as it seems a bit too obvious and convenient. If there’s a mole this season, I want it to be someone completely unexpected!

    I was also thinking about the similarities between Jack and Kate. Combine that with the idea that maybe at some point there could be a 24 series where Jack Bauer isn’t the star and I think Kate definitely has the potential (more than Freddie Prinze Jr and any other characters they might have tried to groom for this in the past) to take over. Several times in these past few episodes, Jack has been sitting by or been occupied while Kate has really been the driving force in the story.

    • WalesAndy

      I too get the feeling that they’re preparing Kate for a season with her as the star. The writers have given her the same instincts as Jack. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jack dies during the finale and she takes over the 24 reigns.

  • Rosemary

    I think one possibility for the time line is that all of the hours will occur in real time and then the plot will take Jack and company to another country or location and we will lose the travel time. Jack might have to go to the US or Afghanastan or Russia for example and the writers will show him getting on a plane or train at 9 PM and then arriving in real time to pick up the story in real time and proceed with the rest of the day.
    Also, I rthink Simone may be crazier then her Mother and I think she will try to get even with Mom – even if it means she had to sacrifice Naveed to get into position to get her revenge for the lost pinky.

  • todahshy

    I really don’t think Mark is going to end up being a mole. I think what will happen is the drone plot will end in the next 3 episodes (they basically said as much in this week’s episode by saying the attack would be ready in 3 hours). Then once Jack saves the day, Mark will alert the Russians that they have Bauer and that will be his rat move that totally turns the Hellers away from him which will then lead us into the end season plot of trying to get Jack away from the Russians who want him dead.

  • Andy Kim

    I thought we were being set up for Kate as the head of the CIA, when it seemed like Eric and Navarro were being sent to their impending doom. Now, if Navarro is toast, and Kate joins Jack as a stealth duo as they showed in the previews, what use is the CIA at this point? Maybe Jordan works his way all the way up the chain and takes over the CIA office while Eric runs the field ops. Mole patrol in full force!

    Also, in an earlier interview, Kiefer or one of the other showrunners had said that the first 8 episodes will be consecutive with respect to real time, and then they’ll start taking liberties with the jumps in time. Can’t find a link to that interview, though.

  • MikeIn Cleveland

    I think Kate is the mole. If she isn’t then Jack will be revealed as the real villain when he executes the president in episode 8. Either way one of them dies to end the season. BTW Josh have you notice the poor ratings the show is getting? IMO this is because of the poor job done selling Jacks reason for caring in episode 1 and 2. As I said then right now the plot isn’t believable because I still don’t buy why Jack would care about the terrorists attack. In previous seasons 24 made me understand why Jack cared so much but this season I’m suppose to create the hook for myself. Hardcore 24 fans like ourselves will of course but the casual viewers have moved on.

  • Roberto

    This episode reminded why I had stopped watching 24, It really bugs me when it seems like the writers forget that an episode happens right after the other and not a day or a week later so situations can’t change so dramatically from one to the other. Example, Killing Naveed because you no longer need him after not half an hour before you had to chop your daughter’s finger because he was essential to the plan. Can’t tell me Ian learned how to pilot drones from watching him for barely an hour tops.

  • hint

    Hmm, I just looked up those ratings and indeed they are bad. This week down -12% from last and -44% from pilot by now(which was decent, but not really above any expectations to begin with).

    I’d have to assume they shot multiple endings depending on how ratings go, and if so, we may get a darker turn once this season wraps up. So far I’ve been still enjoying this season a lot tbh. It’s Jack Bauer, he is awesome, and I don’t know what awesome thing is gonna happen next!

    This is not really what I can say about my decision to try follow Joshes footprints and re-watch the entire series though. I think I can say now pretty clearly that 24 doesn’t work for me on re-watches. I pushed it to early S4, mostly either by back-round watching or just skipping non-jack scenes and I think there is where it also stopped last week for good.

    Last year or so have really been the year of re-watches for me. I made full re-watches of some of my little older favorite shows like The Wire, The Shield, Rome and Stargate SG1, and just really really enjoyed them as expected. But didn’t really work out with 24.