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24 Live Another Day: Episode 5 Recap | 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm


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LIVE at 10:15 pm ET / 7:15 pm PT on Monday, June 2nd, Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler review 24 Live Another Day, Episode 6. Join us LIVE after the show to ask your questions about tonight’s show.

Rob and Josh Recap 24: Live Another Day, Episode 6 | 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm 

In this episode Rob and Josh discuss the following questions and much more:

  • Who was on the other end of the phone call that Steve Navarro had at the end of the episode?
  • Is Steve Navarro working with Margot Al-Harazi?
  • Just how bad has President Heller’s condition gotten over the last few hours?
  • Are the British Intelligence officers being jerks or are they just doing their job?
  • Should the Al-Harazi kids be involved in the family business?
  • With hindsight being 20/20, was it the right call to send out Simone to talk with Navid’s sister?
  • How badly did Mark Boudreau play it with Audrey tonight?
  • What is going to happen when Mark Boudreau meets with the Russians?  How will this turn out bad for Jack Bauer?
  • Is it possible that Jordan Reed is also a mole?
  • What actually went down in Rask’s organization?  Who is Nils?  Was Nils actually an informant for the CIA?  Is Nils dead?  Where did Jack get the $200,000 that was in the bank account?
  • What was in the bucket that they dumped on Kate Morgan when she was being tortured?  Was it gasoline or something worse?
  • How awesome was Kate Morgan at killing those guys after she escaped the torture?
  • What will happen to Belichek?
  • Is Jack going to get blamed for the casualties taken by the British intelligence agency?
  • Is everybody in Navid’s family just a glutton for punishment?
  • Will Simone survive getting hit by a bus?
  • What happens next for Jack Bauer now that we’ve reached the halfway point?
  • Will another villain emerge before the end of the season?

Join us for a fun filled chat about the latest episode of the show and come back LIVE next Monday night at 10:15 pm ET for the next edition of 24 LIVE.

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  • Linus Wesley

    I’m glad Bratt was revealed to be a mole because I never suspected him and still it’s not too far-fetched. But like you’re saying, there’s no reason for us to think he’s working with any terrorists or is actively doing anything to sabotage the CIA. I think he just sold these secrets to the Chinese, maybe with the help of Adrian Cross, and then when this was found out Cross helped him frame Kate’s husband for it. Now he’s just trying to do his job and stop the bad guys, but he’ll surely get desperate and sloppy in covering his tracks now and kill someone and then get killed. Maybe this will lead to Chloe facing off against Cross towards the end of the season, as he turns out to have more evil plans in the works.

    As for Simone, I’m surprised you guys didn’t compare her in this episode to Kim Bauer, because that’s what I was feeling. I understand that they want us feel for her and relate to the conflict going on inside of her, but when her sister-in-law was talking to Simone and Simone was just staring at her for several seconds before each response, it was so bad. Simone put on quite a performance when she was pretending to be that hacker’s eastern European prostitute and/or girlfriend, but here she can barely put on a smile and the sister-in-law still doesn’t seem to think anything is going on. I guess the most annoying thing is that that the writers seem to want us to sympathize with Simone and be so invested in her that we forgive her for being completely incompetent at her job (which in turn reflects very poorly on her mother, who’s supposed to be a respectable villain). Either you step up and preform your villainous tasks, or you stop murdering all these people. Even when she decided to let them go she couldn’t fully commit and had to kill them. There are a lot of great characters that can exist in a gray zone where they do bad things while still being likable (like most characters on Game of Thrones), but the way I feel about Simone here and I know Josh felt about the mole on Agents of SHIELD is very much like a lot of jury members feel on Survivor when they want the finalists to OWN their moves. If you’re going to flip, do it, don’t be swaying back and forth and screwing everything up in the process. The viewers respect big moves!

  • hint

    Best episode of the season for sure, some proper classic 24 stuff here! Jack going off the grid, villains being laughable, ridiculous “press the button” suspense, frustrating misunderstandings, awesome leg-chokes, proper shoot-outs and an actually surprising mole, I need no more!

    Pretty sure that dirty water was just prep for electrocution, wet body has like 10x lower resistance and higher conductivity. U don’t want to drop a toaster into your bathtub.

    Jack to Kate in the car while holding a needle that could immediately incapacitate her: “If you don’t want to do this, I can’t force you”.
    And all that’s going on in him head is like…Eehm, yes you can Jack.

    • I think Jack was just saying ” I can’t force you to do this” to be nice because if she said, “I think you’re right, this is too risky”, he probably would’ve just injected her with the syringe and done it anyway.

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    Is it possible that it was Charles Logan on the other end of the phone with Navarro? Could he be the secret big bad this season? He was still alive at the end of Season 8…

    • hint

      It would be the most stupid ridiculous thing ever in just about any TV show. Yet it would be absolutely brilliant in 24 😛

      • Brendan Fitzpatrick

        HAHA. So true.

  • Roberto

    If Kate’s husband was really a mole, that was some serious commitment to whomever he was moling for, because I would sell my country and/or family to stay married to her.

  • MikeIn Cleveland

    I still don’t think Det. Curtis is the mole, smells like red herring stew to me. It would be to simple of a plot twist with no real wow factor. Kate has to be the mole to get that true water cooler moment the show wants and needs or Jack has to be exposed as having evil intents himself. With us rapidly approaching the true Mister Big villain reveal I have to think at the end of episode eight is when we finally discover which one of our two heros will receive the old Shawn Michaels superkick and fly though a window. Margot Al-Harazi has been a surprisingly strong character but her arc needs to end soon or she will become to cartoonist. So far this season has done a good job erasing the god awful memories of seasons seven and eight.