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24: Live Another Day: Episode 8 Recap | 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm


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LIVE at 10:15 pm ET / 7:15 pm PT on Monday, June 16th, Rob Cesternino and Zach Brooks review 24: Live Another Day, Episode 8. Join us LIVE after the show to ask your questions about tonight’s show.

24 Live Another Day Review: Episode 8 Recap

24: Live Another Day Review: Episode 8 Recap

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  • Guest

    The only thing that makes me laugh about this show is – multiple drone strikes on the financial capital of the world, a hospital explosion a and the biggest stadium in western europe and people are walking around London reading the paper

  • Kos

    Am I the only one who can’t get to the fast forward button quickly enough whenever Audrey is on screen? She is the worst.

    Prediction for season 10: James Heller returns as leader of an undercover terrorist group alongside Tony Almeida and Edgar Stiles.

  • hint

    Tad spoilerish this picture of Heller on the stadium? Took a quick look on PSR to see if recap etc is up before actually watching the episode, so now I always knew he is gonna make it there.

    Or ok, I just got first few minutes into the podcast and it seems it was way way worse for anyone who saw the previews(I didn’t) 😛

  • hint

    Oh and I totally forgot…There’s a really out of place LSH mention in this podcast. Watch out of this kind of stuff guys 😛
    Had to recommend my ridiculously hyper spoiler-sensitive friend to stay away from this one cause of it 😛

    edit: And this all just reminds me how amazing Josh is. Really Rob, if u go back some day and re-watch some of the older podcasts, you’ll be amazed at his pokerface and how well he saves different difficult situations like all the time.

  • replaybb718

    Can we not talk about the preview, for those people who are fortunate enough not to be spoiled by random tv commercials? And the screen cap picture for this episode on the website really spoils this episode for me when I downloaded the audio in advance before I watched this episode. Spoilers get on my nerve. Just wondering we can avoid them on psrecaps. As you guys complained about spoilers from CBS, don’t pay it forward. Thanks.