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24 Live Another Day Hour 3 Recap: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Review


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LIVE on Monday, May 12th, Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler recap 24: Live Another Day Hour 3: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm LIVE after the episode.  Join Rob and Josh each week for a full recap of 24: Live Another Day each Monday night at 10:15 pm ET.

Chloe lets Simone Al Harazzi Slip Away, Mark and Audrey’s Marriage is on the Wrong Track and Jack Bauer becomes Ron Fairbanks

In this episode, Rob and Josh discuss:

  • Do we believe that Chloe’s son and Morris are actually dead or do we think they will show up later in the season?
  • Do we think that Kate Morgan’s husband will play a part in this season down the line?
  • What’s next for Jack Bauer after the Ron Fairbanks identity was discovered and Jack caused a riot among the British protesters?
24 Live Another Day Recap: Hour 3 spans 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Review

24 Live Another Day Recap: Hour 3 spans 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Review

  • Brett Barsanti

    Ron Fairbanks < Frank Flynn

    I never really thought about Morris and Prescott not really being dead until Rob brought that up, now I think that is a legit possibility.

    Also, I assumed in the premiere that Heller had Alzheimer's but the fact that they are not directly saying what his condition is makes me think that it is not that simple.

  • hint

    I thought the Simone husband guy was the money guy and obtained for those reasons, maybe like a son of some sheikh or smth like that.

    Homeland ref made me think who is more effective at turning prisoners,
    Abu Nazir or Ramsey Snow.

    I decided few months back that I won’t bother to rewatch 24 and listened to ur season recaps instead every week. But after last week premire I finally gave in and picked up season 1…And it’s not really going as well as I would have expected, can’t really get going proper. Pushed myself almost through S1 now and it feels a bit like when I rewatched Biker Mice From Mars and ruined that childhood classic of mine. It’s still watcheble and I’m 50-50 if I keep up my rewatch into season 2, but not really working on me like it did 12 years ago.

    • hint

      I got my re-watch finally going proper at the back end of season 1 and went through S2 fast now. I actually ended up speeding forward most of early season Kim and Warner story-lines…Sorry, I just couldn’t take them for 2nd time, it was just brain-damaging.

      I’m actually posting to say how shocked I was seeing ALL these guest stars EVERYWHERE. It’s something I had no memory off from when I had first seen it, but I literally saw like dozens of actors I would later really like from other TV shows/films. It was like every episode some treat(s) would pop on my screen and I would go “this guy was ALSO at 24?!”. At this rate I’m fully expecting to make it a 100+ suprise guest stars I recognize, from all seasons combined.

  • Jeff

    Thoughts on this episode –

    I kind of loved seeing the “Previously on” after so long
    without one even though it went on too long. Last episode didn’t feel like 24
    without it.

    That was 0 kills in this episode, which, when we only have
    12 hours, is a disappointing showing for Jack. Luckily, it looks like next
    episode is going to fix that.

    Hour Three – 2 Dammit’s 0 kills
    Season total – 3 Dammit’s 2 kills

    Here’s hoping Naveed get some alone time with Jack sooner
    rather than later. That story sure does drag down the rest of the episode.

    Does anyone really think Heller isn’t going to come back
    with a dramatic speech in the first minutes of next episode?

    And anyone else thinking were going to find out Cross is in
    cahoots with the terrorist lady?

    This link briefly sums up some of the issues folks have with
    drones –

  • Singtoast

    Nice recap as always. I live in Ireland and have been to protests against the US military using one of our airports and against their general foreign policy, so i think it would be very believable that there’d be protests especially if the US president is actually in London. I’m really glad I didn’t get shot in the leg at said protest…