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LIVE on the morning after the return of Jack Bauer, Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler recap the premiere of 24: LIVE another Day.

In this episode Rob and Josh discuss the premiere of 24 and discuss the following topics:

Rob and Josh Review the Premiere of 24 Live Another Day

  • How did Rob and Josh think the premiere held up?
  • Did this return of the series feel like 24?
  • How well did the premiere set the stage for what is to come in 24: Live Another Day?
  • How did the transition to London as the setting work for the series?

Jack Bauer is Back

  • Was Jack’s intention to break in to the CIA base to save Chloe from being tortured or to save Chloe so he could follow her to her base of operation releasing documents on the internet?
  • What is Jack’s true motivation with trying to save President Heller?  Does he really have the President’s best interests in mind or does he think that he can rekindle the flame with Audrey after all this time?

President Heller, Audrey Raines and Chief of Staff, Mark Boudreau

  • Is the president’s chief of staff, Mark Boudreau (Played by Tate Donovan) actually looking out for the best interests of the Heller family or does he have his own agenda?
  • Does Mark actually have romantic interest in Audrey or is he using her for another purpose.
  • Just how quickly do we expect President Heller’s condition to deteriorate?
  • How did President Heller get elected?
  • How likely is it that Mark Boudreau will show up in our ongoing #MOLEPATROL
  • What is President Heller trying to accomplish in his treaty with Great Britain?

New C.I.A. Agents including Kate Morgan

  • In the premiere we get to meet all of the players working at the CTU CIA base in London.  Do we expect any more details on the ex-husband of Kate Morgan (played by Yvonne Strahovski)?
  • How soon in to the season do we expect Jack and Kate Morgan to be working together?
  • What were the reviews on Steve Navarro (played by Benjamin Bratt) as the new director of the CIA base?

Return of Chloe O’Brian to 24

  • What do Rob and Josh think of Chloe’s new look?
  • Why isn’t Chloe more pissed off at Jack for busting in and breaking up her operation of releasing documents?
  • What happened to Chloe’s baby – who would probably be about 10 years old now?

Attack of the Drones: The Villains of 24 Live Another Day

  • What do Rob and Josh think of Michelle Fairley (formerly Catelyn Stark on Game of Thrones) as the women responsible for launching these drone attacks?
  • Does Lt. Tanner have a believable story that he is being set up?
  • Why was Yates constantly taking apart computers?
  • How did Yates never notice that his girlfriend wore a blonde wig?

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24 Recap: Review of the Premiere of 24 LIVE ANOTHER DAY

24 Recap: Review of the Premiere of 24 LIVE ANOTHER DAY

  • Vicky Perreault

    Feels like the show didn’t miss a beat. So good to see Jack back. They even included some of my favorite 24 things: someone getting uninstated and then reinstated, someone saying “with all due respect” and of course Jack’s “Damnit!” Can’t wait to hear your take on it Rob and Josh!

    • Josh Wigler

      This times 100. I loved the premiere. So happy to be talking about New Bauer.

      • Singtoast

        We cheered at the first Dammit!

  • libbos

    I love the new villain, there is nothing scarier then an old british lady

  • Rob’s Chimp

    Who had the greatest “I wanna get caught” plan? Joker from Dark Knight, Loki in the Avengers, Javier Bardem in Skyfall or Jack Bauer in season premiere of Live Another Day

    • Josh Wigler

      Gotta go Bauer. He inside CIA/Special Assignments and out in less than 40 minutes.

  • Rob’s Chimp

    Do you think 24 is called “Live another Day” since “Die another Day” was already taken by the 2002 James Bond movie?

  • Brett Barsanti

    FInished finals for school last night and then immediately watched the premiere. As far as Chloe and Morris go, Morris is British, so maybe he moved with Chloe back to his native land. But in all seriousness, that is weird that there was no mention of him or their son Prescott.

  • hint

    I had this really weird dream few days ago and I just now put the 1+1 together.
    Anyways I was in this weird place, I think it was some sort of a film set. And I had this cougar with me, I think it was my pet. And then I got this wonderful idea…

  • replaybb718

    Don’t get why you guys love Renee so much over Audrey as Jack’s love interest. Audrey has this extra elegant grace which Renee doesn’t have. Audrey and Jack had a true long-term romance as a real couple whereas with Renee it was more of a heat of the moment fling based on Jack’s sympathy for Renee. Personally I love Audrey’s character more than Renee. One more thought, I believe the show casts the actress for the Renee role because she resembles Jack’s deceased wife. That’s a understated observation worthy pointing out. Is it just me who are really bothered by Rob’s light-hearted joking/trivializing the show? I’ll probably skip the podcasts from now on. I want to be in the mode for a serious show like 24 while it airs. Sorry.

    • Josh Wigler

      I don’t believe I said I prefer Renee over Audrey as Jack’s LOVE INTEREST, but I do prefer her as a character. Renee’s two-season arc is one of the best character arcs on the show. I’m also an Audrey fan and I think she brings out compelling sides of Bauer; very much looking forward to seeing how that plays out this season, but unlike Rob, I don’t expect a happy ending for these two.

      We’re going to be light-hearted about a lot of stuff this season. It’s 24. For all of its awesomeness, this show can get a little goofy from time to time. See cougars and amnesia sub-plots for further reference. But the show is also badass and dark and filled with important, topical material, and we’re going to dig into all of that appropriately. Hope you stick with the podcasts, but if it’s not your thing, no sweat.

  • Matt Geoghegan

    Not only is 24 back, but I can watch Rob’s podcasts about the episodes afterwards. This is too good to be true

  • MikeIn Cleveland

    Here’s my problem with the premier, what’s the hook for Jack? In previous seasons 24 made a point of establishing early why Jack would go as far as he had to in order to make the storyline somewhat believable. Had Jack been in London to rescue Chloe solely then stumbled on the terrorists plans to kill POTUS and start WW3 maybe I buy his caring somewhat after some kind of inter personal struggle. It’s to far of a stretch to expect me to accept Jack cares so much for Audrey or her father or the United States of America after the way he has been treated to risk everything once again. Please don’t use the they only have 12 hrs excuse either. Just as all fishermen bait their hooks, good storytellers bait their thesis to hook their viewers.

    • Josh Wigler

      I buy the Hellers as the hook. One of the few important things that comes out of season six is in the finale, when Jack tells Heller that he looked up to him as a father, how much he loves Audrey — and then he realizes he has to let them go, because he’s a cancer in their lives.

      Now, Jack knows of an imminent threat on Heller’s life. He knows how that would impact Audrey, if only on an emotional level, if not a physical one. These are two of the only people he cares about in the world, even if it’s from a distance. Perhaps it’s the wake-up call he needs to start living, instead of simply surviving.

      I suppose it depends on how much you buy into Jack’s emotional investment in the Heller family, but for me, it totally works.

      • MikeIn Cleveland

        The problem Josh is you’re having to create a storyline to make the premier workable that the show fail to provide. Had they advertised the show as “24; Make it up for youself. ” I would be right up there with you.

        • Josh Wigler

          The show provides that story over three seasons of the Hellers, plus Jack’s “I owe him” line in Live Another Day.

  • Singtoast

    Loved the premiere! Loving Caitlin Stark as the new villain. My sister and I thought when she first spoke that the terror-mother from season 4 had been resurrected! I was surprised that Chloe had her eye makeup at such a high priority after being tortured for god knows how long. I didn’t think Jacks wrist thing was too sci-fi. I thought it was just some sort of electronic signal device he had implanted (as you do), so nothing too crazy.

    Loved the podcast too! I love hearing your fun take on things! #molewatch!

  • Jeff

    Few quick things-

    Jack not talking for 40 minutes, great.
    Audrey is the mole. Totally brainwashed by the Chinese. Should be either that or
    Steven Fry is the mole.
    Can we start a thread for the porn 24 parody titles? 24: Live another 3-way
    Don’t think I’ve heard this mentioned, but there’s a book coming out right after
    this season ends that picks up right after season 8. Rob, let’s get an amazon
    Also, has anyone read the comic book that was releases to lead in to this
    What do people think, will Jack hit 300 total kills this season?
    Josh- traditionally the 24 writers would have a big reversal/story shift every
    6 episodes. Do you think it will stay that way this season. Or will they
    accelerate it to every 3 episodes?
    I’m looking forward to finding out some more about this conspiracy. So far it’s
    a little too much of a head scratched to really get into it.
    Nice first recap episode!

    • Josh Wigler

      Gotta hit 300. They’re so close!

  • Popsman

    Chang has Audry under mind control , she does something with the override device that poses a threat, and Jack is forced to shoot her.