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24 Season 3 Recap: A Rewatch of 24’s 3rd Season


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LIVE at 4 pm ET / 1 pm PT on Monday, March 24th, Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler look back at 24 Season 3.

  • replaybb718

    I feel sometimes Rob tends to trivialize the show by asking ignorant questions, on how unbelievably un-plausible the story is. Yes it may be. It’s a tvshow. And Josh trys to be as accommodating as possible in his response. I find it hard to listen to Rob trash 24 a bit. Sometimes Rob’s intentional rhetorical questions are funny and valid, but sometimes it’s just plain stupid and ignorant for a hard-core 24 fan.Considering the first five seasons are the prime of 24. I can’t imagine what Rob will say for the rest of three seasons recaps. By then, I’ll probably skip them and i’m sure I wont be missed. I understand it’s hard to find a good balance in commenting on the show as you Rob probably not a 24 hard-core fan as Josh, but maybe some more considerations will be appreciated. And Josh, great job!

    • libbos

      I really enjoy when rob points out all the unbelievably unrealistic parts of the plots.

    • Guilty as charged… I will say that some of these shows I watched about 7-8 years ago and Josh has seen them more recently so I really only vividly recall some of the crazier things.

      I will be much more serious about the plots when we get to the new episodes in May. Hope you can hang in there until then.

      • replaybb718

        Thank you for your response, Rob. I appreciate podcasters who can take harsher comment once a while. I really love to see you choose to podcast 24 which is close to my heart. I’ll be sure to come back for the new season. Can’t wait! Go 24!

        • Josh Wigler

          In Rob’s defense, he was on heroin during this week’s podcast.

          • replaybb718

            What?! Sorry I missed that. LOL

        • I can take my medicine. We have been shining a light on the more outrageous things. I’ll try to focus a bit more on the positives next week.

  • libbos

    I actually think that season three should not be placed in the same chapter as season 1 and 2 of twenty four because it is the beginning of the transformation of jack Bauer

  • Brett Barsanti

    Overall notes on this podcast:

    -Sorry Rob, but I think that Josh is the Jack Bauer of 24 podcasting and you are the Chloe O’Brian

    -I agree with you guys about Nina, they got rid of her too early and I think they brought her back too early and lazily. Too much of a coincidence, they should have saved her third appearance for a future season

    -I think I am more against the whole “Jack, Tony, and Gael are working to get Jack undercover” than josh was. It felt, to me at least, like a cheap plot device to keep the show going for 24 hours.

    -Surprised you guys didn’t talk about the Kyle Singer plot which is completely pointless

    -I agree that the virus in the hotel is really good TV and the death of Ryan Chappelle is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful scenes in 24 history.

    I love Season 3, but it would be on the lower end of my overall season power rankings, definitely the lowest of seasons 1-5.

  • Vicky Perreault

    When will the season 4 recap be up? Damn it Rob, you’re running out of time!