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24 Season 6 Recap: A Rewatch of 24′s 6th Season


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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler look back at 24 Season 6 to prepare for the premiere of 24 Live Another Day on May 5th on FOX.

In this episode, Rob and Josh discuss:

  • Overall, what is season six’s place in “24” history?
  • What are the details of the plot of Season Six? After getting captured by the Chinese, what brings Jack Bauer back into the fold?
  • Why does Josh think 24 Season 6 is the worst season of the show?
  • What is Jack Bauer like after he was imprisoned by the Chinese for two years?
  • How does Wayne Palmer fare as President of the United States?
  • What is the impact of Sandra Palmer, a third Palmer sibling?
  • How do things go horribly wrong with the character of Curtis?
  • Why does 24 bring back Milo from Season 1 of the show?
  • Why is CTU such a disaster this season, filled with interpersonal drama and in-house romances? Is this why CTU gets attacked AGAIN, once again proving itself as the least safe workplace in the entire universe?
  • What do we think of Jack Bauer’s family being introduced — his father, his brother, his nephew and his sister-in-law (who just so happens to be his high school sweetheart) … and it turns out that Jack’s dad and brother are terrorists. “24” has the audacity to pull the trigger on the “Jack’s Dad” storyline, and can’t even cast Donald Sutherland in the role!
  • What role does Charles Logan play in his return to the show?
  • Why do Rob and Josh really like Powers Boothe of “Deadwood” as Vice President Noah Daniels, who becomes President after Wayne’s incapacitated.

Join us LIVE on Monday May 5th for the premiere of the 24 LIVE ANOTHER DAY recap podcast.

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  • Brett Barsanti

    Donald Sutherland was offered the role of Jack’s dad. He declined because he did not want to play a character who would kill his own son without remorse. He wanted the relationship to be more like the relationship between Indiana Jones and his dad in Last Crusade, otherwise he wouldn’t do it.

    • Josh Wigler


  • Eart

    Great podcast, as always.

    I’m interested to hear about Season 7. I don’t remember much about it…. I remember not liking it that much, especially with what happened with Tony (so I’m looking forward to Josh defending that). Renee is awesome also, until they ruin her character in season 8 with whatever Russian nonsense they came up with.

    Overall, though, I felt that the year off due to the writers’ strike should have resulted in a stronger season. It was kinda like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Really — After 20 years of waiting for the perfect script — this is what Spielberg, Lucas, and Ford agreed on?????

    • Josh Wigler

      SPOILERS for next week, but: I love Renee, I love the FBI, I love the DC setting, I love the White House invasion, I love Shadow CTU, I love Buchanan’s death, I love Larry’s death, I love Jon Voight, I love Sick Bauer, I love Kickass Kim, I love First Gentleman Colm Feore, and yes, I love Dark Tony (it was a lot of fun rewatching the series knowing this was his final stop; even in season three, Tony showed signs of going to the dark side). More elaboration next week, but there’s your tease.

      • Eart

        You, sir, have piqued my interest.

        In general, are you finding the seasons better than you remember? If so, do you think it’s because you’re binge watching and that leads to a different experience?

        • Josh Wigler


          SPOILER ALERT again: I finished my rewatch this week, and I love every season except six. 24 always struggles with a ratio of good material versus bad material, but seven out of eight times, the good outweighs the bad. I think the binge really helped with that, especially in S4 and S8.

          Also, having finished my rewatch, I am now more amped up for 24: LAD than I’d ever imagined.

          • Eart

            If I binge-watch just one season to get amped up for Live Another Day, which do you recommend?

            I think the 12-episode format will work very well… less opportunity for the filler / bad material.

          • Josh Wigler

            Season 1 if you want to remember how amazing this show can be.

            Season 4 if you want your Chloe and Heller-heaviest season. (They’re the only characters crossing over from the old series, as far as we know so far.)

            Season 8 if you want a clearer picture of how things left off, and also if you want to see Jack go completely off the reservation. It’s kind of wonderful.

          • Eart

            Thanks. I’ll probably go with Season 4 — it’ll give me a chance to practice my William Devane. But in the meantime, I need to go binge on Orphan Black season 1.

      • MikeIn Cleveland

        I’m shocked by your love for season 7, its the main reason never watched season 8 and might not watch this new season coming up. I found the storylines both boring and predictable. The cookie cutter depiction of FBI agents was insulting to TV drama viewers if not pure laziness from the writers.

  • Rene J. Herrera

    Wigler, am I crazy or do I remember that they actually shot 7 episodes of season 7 before the writer’s strike started and they just scrapped them and started over when they decided to delay the show for another year? If so, don’t forget to mention that as it was someone very rare in the television industry. Thanks brah

    • Josh Wigler

      I don’t think they scrapped ’em. I think they shelved ’em. I’ll look into it a little more before the pod, but I remember that they shot those episodes, the strike happened, and they couldn’t continue without scripts — so rather than push out those seven episodes and then have an indefinite strike-driven delay, they pushed the whole season back a year, and once the strike ended, they took that extra time to plot out the rest of seven. But I don’t think they completely tore down what they already shot… maybe nipped and tucked here and there, but not a full-scale redo.