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24 Season 8 Recap LIVE: A Rewatch of 24’s 8th Season


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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler look back at 24 Season 8 to prepare for 24: Live Another Day on Monday, May 5th. In this episode, Rob and Josh discuss:

  • Now that the 24 Rewatch is complete, how does Josh feel about the series as a complete piece of work?
  • More than any other season, why was Josh the most surprised by Day 8. Why?
  • Josh understands Season Eight’s bad reputation, but believes there’s a unique way of looking at it that makes it very enjoyable. What’s the secret to loving Day 8?
  • What’s the story of Season Eight? How does Jack Bauer come back into the fold for one (almost) final bad day?
  • Season Eight takes place in New York City. As native New Yorkers, how do Rob and Josh feel about the setting?
  • What do the guys think of the new and quasi-improved Counter Terrorist Unit, and what do they think of the staff?
  • Is Freddie Prinze Jr. the worst stunt-casting in 24 history?
  • As Dana Walsh, is Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck on “Battlestar Galactica”) basically just the worst of Kim Bauer meets the worst of Nina Myers?
  • Season Eight introduces President Omar Hassan, played by Anil Kapoor of “Slumdog Millionaire” fame. Why is he one of the weirdest 24 characters ever? Are the guys aware of the Indian 24?
  • Renee Walker comes back for the final season. What’s her story?
  • President Logan returns! What’s his story?
  • After Renee dies, Bauer goes on a killing spree. Do Rob and Josh buy into Jack’s rampage? After all these terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad days, was Bauer destined for a psychotic break?
  • Season Eight ends with Jack Bauer as a fugitive from justice. What do the guys think about that ending? At the time, did it feel like the right way to close 24?
  • How will the ending of Season Eight lead us into 24: Live Another Day?
  • For Our final Kim Bauer update. What’s up with Kim this season?
  • What’s Bauer’s most badass move of the day?
  • Who is this season’s MVP? LVP?
  • What are Josh’s final power-rankings of the 24 seasons?
  • Now that the rewatch is over, what are the main takeaways from binge-watching 24 in its entirety? Does Josh still love the show as much as he did when it was on?
  • How excited are we for 24: Live Another Day?

Join Rob and Josh later this week as the guys preview the upcoming TV Event, 24: Live Another Day.

  • Linus Wesley

    These recaps have been great in preparation for Live Another Day. My girlfriend didn’t want to watch the whole series with me when I recently suggested it because the first episode was “boring” so these recaps are definitely the second best thing.

    Listening to this one I realize that season 8 is the season I remember the least things from, even though it wasn’t that long ago that it aired. Guess I’d lost interest a bit by then. But I have a hard time believing that season 1 would by far be the best season. Even though it was fantastic at the time, later seasons had higher stakes and by then we were much more invested in the characters and stories, making it a lot more intense and exciting. I don’t know, it just seems sad to say that the first season of a show was as good as it ever got. Like Heroes… Lost really got better than ever during season 4 and 5 I think, and Game of Thrones I expect will just get better an better until the very end, like Breaking Bad did.

    Anyway, thanks for all the reminders about seasons past, I’m a lot more pumped for the new series now than I would have been otherwise!

  • Brett Barsanti

    I LOVE Season 8 and I completely agree that Season 8 is more of an homage to old seasons than a repeat of old seasons. That is always how I have looked at season 8. The major plot of the season being an assassination attempt against Hassan really felt like a callback to season 1, Jack bugs Charles Logan in almost the exact same way that he did in season 5, and it would have been wrong for them to not have a nuclear bomb in the plot somehow.

    My official power rankings of 24:


    The FAQ for 24 on IMDB breaks down the apparent 24 timeline based on an interview with Howard Gordon:

    Early reviews for Live Another Day have been positive, can’t wait.

  • trina87

    Great recap as usual! Although I would have been curious to hear your guys’ thoughts on President Taylor’s downwards moral spiral. I remember Josh mentioning in the S7 recap how President Taylor was reminiscient of David Palmer with her morals but she lost it for a bit there at the end of S8 further fueling Iron Man Bauer.

    Also did it ever bother anyone else how young Dalia Hassan looked given she had an adult daughter? The actresses that play mother and daughter were actually born in the same year I always found that weird

    • Josh Wigler

      Whoa, never knew that about the Hassans. That is weird!

      Taylor’s downward spiral is another part of the season’s “remix” theme, I think. You can’t be a 24 President and have a perfect record. Maybe Heller can do better on Live Another Day…