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Adam Driver Hosting Recap | SNL 2016

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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and  Rich Tackenberg (@richtack) review episode 10 of the 41st season of Saturday Night Live hosted by Adam Driver (Star Wars & Girls) on January 16, 2016 with musical guest Chris Stapleton!

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  • Tim Forbes

    I thought this was an actually pretty funny episode.

    • Charles Bikle

      Yeah, kinda surprised that Rich didn’t like it more- I think that “America’s Funniest Cats” sketch defined that show – not the most “cerebral” sketches, but funny nonetheless, mostly because of Adam Driver’s commitment to the premise. Also, Adam didn’t seem reliant on the cue cards, which was nice for a change.

  • Charles Bikle

    Kind of surprised Kate McKinnon didn’t have more to do on the show, especially with all the promo ads with her & Adam Driver. Maybe she was in a bunch of skits that got cut ?

  • ames

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t like the Undercover Boss sketch. I thought it was so funny!

    • GeekFurious

      Thanks. You just saved me an hour. 🙂

      • ha! As always, it’s just my opinion – i’m glad you guys liked it. I’d always rather be the one person disappointing in an SNL, instead of everyone not liking it.

        • GeekFurious

          Loved it is more like it. Loved it. One of the best things they’ve done in years. Especially since it’s the actor who plays the character earnestly mocking himself. Driver put everything into delivering something great… which he did. Both in the movie and in the skit.

    • AndyMcGill

      I really liked the Undercover Boss sketch too and sent it out to friends. But it was all the setup and actors and all that made it great — it could have been a 10 if it would have gone somewhere past the setup. They should have had him use the Force to clean the toilets and give out gifts to employees, which then caused the other employees to get jealous.

  • ChristineInWI

    Kevin (my teenage son) was fascinated by the Social Puppeterring (like the students in the class) and went to the website they called out – which was a nice site (that of course tags back to SNL). I skipped kid newsie and the porn doctor. I did like the Undercover Boss skit a lot. I found Cecily was everywhere in this episode, Vanessa not so much.

    • I meant to check out the website, but forgot about it. thanks for the reminder!

  • Charles Bikle

    I think the reason we’ve seen so many (and more to come) “GOP Debate” sketches, is because it’s a great vehicle for showcasing multiple popular “characters” and these sketches involve most of the cast, which is what Lorne prefers (makes them safer from being cut) and, there’s an expiration date on this sketch; once the republicans have an official candidate, these sketches are over.

    • agreed. I wish they could come up with another setting, when there are so many debates back to back, but that said, I have no better suggestions to pitch, haha!

  • SSEO

    I guess since Chris Stapleton is from Kentucky and lives in Tennessee he doesn’t know anything about David Bowie or appreciate his music or any other type of music besides country. And I guess people from the South mumble and sound stupid like the impression that Rich Tackenburg made in this podcast. I am a patron from Tennessee who contributes $25 every month to support Rob, you want to make fun of me too Tackenburg?

    • Point well taken. I wasn’t trying to make fun of the south as a whole, just the look and sound of Chris Stapleton. But you’re 100% right, I was painting with a too-broad brush – I have no idea what kind of music SC appreciates. Please feel free to make fun of my over-generalizations and attempts at humor.

      • WhosYourWormGuy

        That was literally the funniest part of the whole podcast

  • Guillaume Schmitt

    Yes, they did an Aladdin sketch back to season 34 with Rosario Dawson and the plot was that what’s their relationship’s like ten years after the movie

  • AndyMcGill

    Once again SNL did the same joke twice, this time twice inside Weekend Update. They said that people were sending adult toys to the Oregon Refuge takeover people both during the “news” and then again with the whiney girl correspondent.

    Is there anybody who sees the whole show and can stop the repeating of jokes in the same broadcast? Very amateur for a scripted show.