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Netflix’s Altered Carbon | Season 1 Spoiler Discussion

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Netflix’s Altered Carbon | Season 1 Spoiler Discussion

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) swap sleeves and hot takes alike in their discussion of ALTERED CARBON, the new science fiction series currently airing on Netflix.
In their conversation, Josh and Antonio discuss:
• A broad overview of the world of Altered Carbon
• What’s the story of Altered Carbon?
• Spoiler-free reactions to the series; how does it stack up?
• Full-scale spoiler-filled reactions to the various twists, turns and thematic ideas
• Listener feedback
• And more!
  • I really wanted to like Altered Carbon, but I couldn’t get through more than a few episodes before ultimately giving it a miss. I found everything about it very sterile, like there’s just no warmth in any of the scenes unlike in Westworld or the British show Humans which imo are both much more digestible than AC with similar premises.

    • TrentC

      I enjoyed the initial premise quite a bit and found it was like an amalgamation of a few good sci-fi ideas.

      I thought it started to flounder near the end when the sister/brother story became the entire focus.

  • TheTimelessOne

    Saw season 1. I think it has potential and nice universe building. The universe has a hard time getting used to and familiar with it.
    I liked Rei character but in the end they kinda made her to be so smart and evil to be able to pull the thing off and get to where she is at but too stupid to get to Kovac right after he gets up from ice and he almost got killed multiple times before she came to save him in the arena. Second nitpick is they made the envoys to be like supersoldiers but in the training they just felt like some small random rebellion. Those are the only 2 things i would nitpick.
    But the visuals are amazing and i love it. It had nice action and i liked most of the characters even tho some felt a bit shallow. Had number of fun reveals. Also i hoped getting more philosophical at the implications of the world. I would give it 8/10. Hoped more but i liked it enough to check season 2 if it goes on.