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American Gods Season One Recap Podcast

See you in Wisconsin! Or not. But whatever the case may be, and whatever is going on in Season One of American Gods, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) are here to break it all down. Josh and Antonio hit the very high highs and the somewhat disturbing lows in the thought-provoking first season of the Starz adaptation of the Neil Gaiman novel. This podcast has everything: the evil undead, centuries-old leprechauns, sex that disappears you into a universal void, a virtual reality limo with a female god dressed like David Bowie…
And Jesus-es. Lots of ’em.
This podcast begins with a spoiler-free overview of the series. The spoiler material in this podcast begins at the 26:20 mark.
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  • TrentC

    Similar to Josh, I read American Gods about a decade ago. Have to say that I enjoyed the book Neverwhere a little bit more.

    I’ve enjoyed this TV series and appreciate the atmosphere created and the production values. There are some heady topics and the producers do leave the viewer to patch together a few ideas. As mentioned, great cast.

    Must say that’s about the best definition for the fear of spiders I’ve ever heard. Don’t worry Antonio, I’m not afraid of much but if any bug reaches a certain size or look, I’m up on the chair wearing a dress and testing my three octave shrieking range.

    Next time you catch Josh giggling at your weakness, just give him a poke in the eye while wearing the sandpaper thimble 🙂 Thanks for the podcast guys.

    * I thought I was the only one watching The Expanse. Look forward to hearing your comments on it.

  • Lance Davis

    Really dug the podcast fellas. Great job! I’m still holding out hope for a deep-dive podcast of FARGO S3. Surmise.