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American Horror Story: Hotel Episode 3 Recap | Mommy

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Listen to the podcast:

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Stephen Fishbach (@stephenfishbach) are back (bach?) with another round of their AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL podcast, covering the third episode of the season, “Mommy.”

They discuss the introduction of vampire-hunting vampire Ramona Royale, played by Angela Bassett; the impending clash between Ramona and Lady Gaga’s Countess; the vampirification of Iris, the desk clerk played by Kathy Bates, and the dietary habits of Matt Bomer’s Donovan; a crackpot theory about who The Ten Commandments Killer might be; and more.

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  • Keith Dixon

    Are you surprised there haven’t been any music numbers yet? Is one impending?

    • Matt Racine

      i saw in an interview that Ryan Murphy wanted to keep GaGa in a strictly acting role and not have her sing this season, which kinda of seems like a missed opportunity imo.

  • Beth

    Do you think we will see any elevator scenes that are Tower of Terror-esque?

  • I think Chloe Sevigny will end up becoming a vampire herself right? It was stated on more than one occasion this episode that she loved Holden more than anything and anyone. So what better way for her to ‘live’ than to be able to spend eternity with him as mother & son that never age.