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American Horror Story: Hotel Episode 4 Recap | Devil’s Night

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You are invited to join Stephen Fishbach (@stephenfishbach) and Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) for their Devil’s Night Soiree here on Post Show Recaps!

Stephen and Josh are breaking down everything that happened on the Halloween episode of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL, comparing it to past Halloween episodes of AHS (especially last season’s FREAK SHOW), analyzing whether or not John Lowe is who he thinks he is, why Alex has gone all vampire on us, and much more.

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  • SurvivorZach

    I agree the using real life serial killers in a fictional show might be insensitive & has the potential to offend those effected by their crimes but I think saying the show glorified them is a bit reductive. Obviously March & to an extent Liz Taylor did glorify the killers but the audience is supposed to know that they aren’t the most moral people themselves & aren’t being lead to feel the same way.

  • Caitlin Ash

    Great recap! You guys always bring up something I missed or didn’t think about when I watched! Some thoughts that you guys touched on but I have a slightly different take:

    – when Evan Peters talked about Wes Bentley not being “like us” I thought maybe that meant that Wes Bentley wasn’t dead yet? All of the people at the table are assumed or confirmed to be dead, so maybe that’s a reason Bentley is different– only living serial killer guest

    -it almost seems like Evan Peters is supposed to be the serial killer instructor. He mentions that all the dinner guests came through and stayed at the hotel and he gave them lessons about what to do. Maybe this is Wes Bentleys time to learn from Evan Peters and he is learning “Serial Killer 101” by picking up the 10 Commandment Killings, which were originated by his teacher.

    – going along with the above thoughts, when Miss Evers talks about being kindred spirits with Wes Bentley, we assume she’s referring to their lost children, BUT could it mean helping Evan Peters complete his 10 Commandment killings? Evers was sort of the assistant back in the day, now Bentley has taken over?

    Just some thoughts, some of which are probably me overthinking too much or making too much of throw away lines!

  • Megan

    All I can say about this season so far is that Evan Peters’ 1920s accent has me cackling every episode! Not sure about this season as a whole so far though.