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American Horror Story: Hotel Episode 8 Recap | The Ten Commandments Killer

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At long last, we now know the identity behind the Ten Commandments Killer!

Not that it was much of a surprise, especially if you’ve been listening to Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Stephen Fishbach (@stephenfishbach) as they’ve recapped “American Horror Story: Hotel” this season. But the identity of the killer is much less interesting than the execution, so to speak, and that’s what Josh and Stephen focus their conversation on.


** Wes Bentley talks to Variety about the Ten Commandments Killer
** Is Will Drake secretly Liz Taylor’s son?
** Read Josh’s AHS: Hotel recap at Mashable

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  • Matt Racine

    i was super down on this episode. waiting this long to reveal the killer was completely anti climatic because we had already all figured it out weeks ago. excited to hear josh and fishbach’s thoughts! guessing you guys weren’t huge fans of the episode but I could be wrong!

    • Josh Wigler

      You might be surprised!

  • realtrinilostgirl2007

    I agree with you Josh about Evan Peters. Best performance from him ever. He must have had a voice coach for the 1920″s accent.

  • TrentC

    Thanks for the recap as always.

    Loved Evan Peters as March and Wes Bentley is a criminally underrated actor in general. I liked that Lowe was revealed to be the Ten Commandments Killer. Unfortunately that was about all I liked.

    Mixing your observations with my thoughts. March has been looking for a person for almost 100 years to take over his killing spree? He couldn’t find one evil candidate in that time? He finds and recruits Lowe and it’s taken him five years to add three or four souvenirs to the display? Not very prolific in terms of maniacal serial killers. Lowe forgets his alternate personality every time he leaves the hotel yet other people are okay? The addiction demon is what? I thought March would be 100 times more menacing (entertaining) if he was killing people, even as a ghost.

    I think it’s time for Murphy to fess up. He’s throwing things at the wall, some of it is sticking, yet none of it is touching. It seems like the writers are making it up as they go along, and I hate using that expression because that what writing is, and that in turn makes it feel like a whole bunch of square pegs are constantly being chipped and bashed in order to fit into round holes.

    I see a large whiteboard with multi colored words, names and plots all intersecting and overlapping. This week’s episode felt like someone slid every colored line to the bottom right of the board and tried to say – There! We’ve arrived here now..

    I shouldn’t complain because I consider this a fluff show…just sit back and leave your brain for awhile. Worst part is with Lowe being told he’s the killer is that there’s no protagonists, no one to really cheer for. Everyone except Liz is a demon, vampire, ghost and even Liz is a bad person facilitating the evil doings at times. I don’t see anyone jeopardy or feel a sense of fear for a character. The two Swedish girls at the beginning were great when they were alive. The scene with Kathy Bates exchanging their blood was horrifying and created a real sense of dread. Next time we see them they’re hot threesome ghosts that help disturbed dudes get their freak on…

    I think Stephen touched on it. None of it is really overlapping or coming together. Seems like lots of ideas spiraling down the drain and never coalescing.

    • Trixie02

      It is “Hotel California” meets “Rosemary’s Baby” meets “Blade” meets “The Hunger” meets Rudolph Valentino meets Bianca Jagger at Studio 54. It is all over the place.

      • TrentC

        Exactly. And it’s too bad because these are compelling actors and the stories are on the edge of being creepy and uncomfortable. Lukewarm mess..

  • KX

    Could John Lowe commit suicide in the hotel to be with Sally forever? It could be the final act of the Ten Commandments killings (thou shalt not kill) right? Or James Patrick March kills John Lowe? Something like that?

    • Trixie02

      Makes sense.

  • ctge33

    Great performances from John Lowe & March but… there’s like a dozen other characters we need to see right now!

    Where on earth is the measles kid?

  • Nicole

    Evan Peters as Mr. March forever!! Please? And thank you! Great podcast. Fun listening to you both as always.

  • William Cook

    You guys keep mentioning Will Drake as if he’s an often seen character on the show but I am I wrong in thinking that we’ve hardly seen any of him? Like I don’t even know what impact he has on the season.