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American Horror Story: Hotel Episodes 6 And 7 Recap | Room 33 And Flicker

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Listen to the podcast:

How many Finn Wittrocks does it take to make an AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL podcast?

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Stephen Fishbach (@stephenfishbach) get to the bottom of that question and many more, as they talk about the two most recent episodes of the FX horror anthology: “Room 33,” and “Flicker.”

Josh and Stephen talk about the second Wittrock role, the arrival of Baby Bartholomew, the mounting evidence that John Lowe is the Ten Commandments Killer, the brief return to Murder House, and much more.

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  • TrentC

    Quick note to let you know that yes, someone else is watching this show! The Josh/Fishbach combo is great and it’s a treat to hear Stephen podcasting as I was late to the KIA party.

    The AHS seasons are unbalanced. I didn’t finish Freakshow or Asylum as both seemed to spiral out of control. Current season is guilty of that as well. It’s too bad because they have some really good actors and production values, just can’t seem to gain focus after losing it.

    Thanks guys, appreciate the observations.