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Better Call Saul Season 2, Episode 2 Recap | Cobbler

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Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 2 Recap Podcast of “Cobbler” on February 22, 2016

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Rob Cesternino and Antonio Mazzaro recap Season 2, Episode 2 of Better Call Saul on AMC and answer some of the listener questions.


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  • Charles Bikle
    • Shevek

      Is this when they were known as The Thames Men? Or maybe The New Originals?

    • Shevek
    • Antonio Mazzaro

      classic! good looking out! makes me hungry for a shark sandwich!

  • Park that is Paranoid

    I thought Antonio was about to say the nail salon woman is Yellow.

    • Antonio Mazzaro


  • Sam S.

    I find myself in a perpetual state of joy when watching this show. Loved the episode.

  • Adam Bradford

    That episode actually made me hungry for pie. Mmm….pie….

  • Charles Bikle

    On a side note, IMO, Howard Hamlin reminds me of that boss/upper-level coworker who you’re very friendly with, but doesn’t really stick his neck out for you when you’re in trouble or are up for that promotion.

    Hamlin is very good at being “non-committal” and I suspect he resented being put in the middle of family drama by Chuck and is looking to avoid that in the future – his answers to Chuck’s questions were pretty much “I’m not getting in the middle of this again”

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      what did you make, if anything, of him putting Kim’s name out there so hard to Chuck? Throwing her under the bus or playing at some bigger issue that might be explored?

      • Charles Bikle

        Yeah, I don’t think he was intentionally trying to throw her UTB, but it came out as a result of him trying to make clear to Chuck that, HE PERSONALLY, didn’t campaign for OR against Jimmy working at the new firm. In hindsight, I think Howard probably wouldn’t have thrown that out there.

        Again, Howard doesn’t strike me as a “stir the pot” kind of guy, but it’s possible that the purpose of his visit was leveraging Jimmy’s success to push Chuck’s buttons in order to get him working at the firm again, full time.

  • beautifully disgusting! I love the tone of the show. Also, this kimmy-jimmy story is so interesting. Do you guys think something tragic will eventually happen to kim which ultimately marks a point where James McGill decides to change his identity into Saul Goodman? Having said that, Chuck’s gotta play the villain right there. Right?

    One other thing in the later season I’d like to see is Chuck vs Goodman (of course!!!!) or.. Kimmy vs Jimmy ? :'( If kimmy vs jimmy ever happens, then I would guess Jimmy will make a terrible plan to win the case which will break down Kim if not kill her.

    • TrentC

      I had similar thoughts. Since we’ve already seen Chuck for lack of a better term, be a total dick to Jimmy, what is the catalyst that finally propels him to turn into Saul Goodman? When Jimmy asked Mike the question about considering taking the money, that seemed like the first crack in the dam to me. I think the writers are too clever to make the decision completely based on money issues.