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Better Call Saul: Season 1, Episode 4 Recap | Hero


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  • Cole phelps

    Dude Rob you gotta get a chair i cant stop thinking about how much your legs must hurt

  • Ben

    Just a small thing – in the cold open Jimmy said “I’m no lawyer, but…” So we definitely know it was in the past.

  • toast

    So, next episode is the builld up of Saul. Everything’s going great. A montage sequence to chirpy music.

    Episode 6… the Crash. Nacho returns, the Kellermans and their money and their kids are not forgotten, Jimmy has a couple of people that matter to him. Not funny badness that his fast talking can’t fix is going to happen.

  • Daryl Allen

    A friend of mine thought the orange shirt might be an homage to Gus in the orange jacket in “Box Cutter”. It’s a nice thought, but it doesn’t make much sense. Here’s the real answer: They wanted to show what he would actually wear if he was doing this for himself, not to prey on Hamlin.

  • Daryl Allen

    Also, I think that Jimmy turns into Saul due to Chuck, and the McGill name, becoming an embarrassment. We know that Chuck’s issues become more public next week, so maybe Jimmy needs some distance.