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Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 6 Recap | Five-O Review


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LIVE at 11:15 pm ET / 8:15 pm PT, Antonio Mazzaro is joined by guest co-host Mike Bloom to recap episode 6 of the Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul entitled, “Five-O”. Join us for our live review immediately after the episode.

Chuck’s Condition | Nocebo Effect

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  • Best episode yet by far

  • p566

    Nice podcast. Antonio, I shared your confusion about Mike’s final discussion with his daughter-in-law. My thought is that someone’s immediate reaction in a situation like that can change a lot once they have time to process everything. In the moment, she is seeing her dead husband’s father crying (likely for the first time?), and you can’t help but feel for someone in a situation like that. Not to mention he was explaining her husband’s death and the vengeance she so desperately wanted. Thus, her moving next to him and showing compassion.

    However, after she has some time to process this she may realize “my husband died because Mike 1) let him become a cop in a dirty department, 2) pulled Matty down into the the gutter with him, and 3) gave Matty the advice that led to him being killed.” She is still in shock and mourning and needs someone to direct that pain towards. Whether it’s justified or not, Mike is the best remaining target for that anger. Not to mention that he is a painful reminder of all of this.

    So I could see her coming back after the fact and saying “Stay away.”

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      for sure. The more I think about it the more I think the timeline is:

      1) Mike kills the cops and comes to ABQ. Stacey is very warm and happy to see him. Mike doesn’t have a car here, she picks him up, he cabs it away during which time he asks the Cabbie how well do you know the city in a foreboding way. That’s likely what gets him to the vet.

      2) Some time passes during which apparently they grow so apart that she would ignore him on the street which we see happen. It can’t be too much time though because Kaylee is still young based on what we know, so let’s say 9-12 months. Plus, the cops have already pieced together much of the case against Mike on their own at that point because when they show up in ABQ after she calls them, they basically have it all sorted.

      3) After the look, the cops show up, and we see everything we saw in present day, including Mike then going back to her and making the “We need to talk” call, spilling his guts, and thus getting back on better terms with her.

      The confusion comes from not seeing the relationship between them deteriorate such that we go from what she was like when she arrived to “the look” moment. I would assume things would be better going forward.

      • Steve Flowers

        Antonio – when the Philly cops are interviewing Mike with Jimmy there (so we know it is the present) they say that Fensky and Hoffman were killed 3 months ago. So the total time Mike has been in Albuquerque is exactly 3 months because we know he left the next day and still had the bullet wound the day he arrived.

      • I assumed “the look” was because the event that happened in between Mike first arriving in ABQ and the present storyline was that Stacey found Matty’s stash of money, assumed he was dirty, and blamed Mike for getting him caught up in all of it.

        • Eart

          Plus Stacey always thought that the person Matt was yelling at on the phone was Mike (which it was).

          • p566

            I agree. This is the timeline that makes sense. Mike’s “confession” (which he carefully avoids) to Stacey must have been after she called the cops about the money – there’s no way she calls the cops after he explains everything. And she says she called them because she wants to know what happened and see people punished. She wouldn’t need that after Mike’s confession.

            I think we saw the relationship deteriorate btw. When Mike is in the backyard denying knowing anything about Matty’s phone call Stacey’s body language completely shifts. She crosses her arms, stops talking, encourages him to leave. She knows it was Mike and that he is lying to her. She also says nothing when he says he’s available to help out whenever she needs him. That’s the passive-aggressive “I don’t want your help.”

      • jazzdrums

        The look moment perhaps was her seeing him parked outside many times and she is wondering when are you going to come in and tell me what you have to tell me. (After all he followed her out to AZ). They both know they need to talk and they both know Mike needs to start the talk. We watch the show and just watch and listen. Chuck’s condition is so ridiculous for a man of his stature that it must be like one of you said, Jimmy’s alter ego..Chuck is real but he is Jimmy’s voice inside. Try not to over analyze and enjoy what you are seeing and hearing without going to BB unless it is intended. … not so much guesswork guys. We can see in the preview when Jimmy is sitting in the booth with the lady with the money that it could be one of a few pivotal moments of transformation to Sol. Jimmy is about to become a custodian of a lot of money and he is told she wants an accounting of every penny. And for the second time he gets a bundle of cash. We think this is only a year or 2 behind BB timeline. The flashback feature is easy to follow if the viewer watches with no interruptions.

        • Charles Bikle

          What do you mean “try not to over analyze” ? The whole point of this site is over analyzing TV shows.

  • I definitely think the people that have never seen Breaking Bad that are giving BCS a go, this episode should be the decider on whether they should continue on and binge BB.

    I also think it’s the best episode so far, but it could be quite jarring and quite a shock to the system for the non-Breaking Bad viewers.

  • Eart

    Great podcast. I think the last scene of this season might be of Saul Goodman — the first Saul Goodman commercial or Jimmy buying that orange shirt or Saul moving into his office. As much as I’m enjoying the show, I’m itching to see Jimmy finally become Saul. I’m not sure the show should go into the second season without Saul being in the prime timeline.

  • toast

    Late post. Ahh well. Doesn’t matter.
    Thinking of Mikes final scenes in BB. Ahhh, the poor guy. His story is really achingly sad. The World should a left him collecting parking tickets.

    BTW, if you’re trying to hide from The Law, don’t get a job in the carpark of the local law courts.