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Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 7 Recap | Bingo Review


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Rob Cesternino is joined by Antonio Mazzaro to recap episode 7 of the Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul entitled, “Bingo”. Join us for our live review immediately after the episode.


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  • toast

    1) Jimmy hits the jackpot. A big lucrative case.
    2) He is reduced to propositioning old ladies in Bingo halls.
    3) A shaggy dog story.
    4) The embezzlement family is back to singing dumb camping songs again.

    • toast

      Holy crap. I was more correct than I expected.

      • Antonio Mazzaro

        not too far off, I was laughing about this after the episode.

  • Brian

    albuquerque doesn’t have a AAA team in ’02, but the Isotopes begin play in ’03

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      did they relocate from Springfield in 03?

  • So Rob what’s your ideal use of Mike in this show? First few eps you were saying “not enough Mike”, this week you’re saying “too much Mike, he’s so good it’s taking away from Saul/Jimmy now” but at the same time he’s the only character you’re really invested in. Just wondering what kind of role you would want him to have?

    1 episode a season where we delve deeper with him, and the occasional caper that Saul gets him to do seems about right to me.

  • Charles Bikle

    Checkov’s handtruck.

  • Tom Palmer

    See, this was the episode for me that really got me on Jimmy McGill’s side. All season long I’ve held myself back from really liking Jimmy, because I knew he would become Saul. This was the episode where I think I let go of that. I know this series will end with demise of Jimmy McGill at the hands of Saul Goodman, but instead of rooting for that, I see it as an inevitable tragedy.

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      That’s a good observation. Rewatching the ending of this episode, it’s hard not to feel totally gutted for Jimmy. They have somehow made his turning into Saul more tragic, even as they’ve also established his NO LONGER being Saul (aka him being Gene) as also tragic. Insane.

  • Charles Bikle

    BB Spoiler down below:

    Recently went back and watched the episodes of BB where Saul and Mike first appear – couple of observations:

    1- Saul first tells WW that “he knows a guy who knows a guy” in the drug trade and he could have been lying, but I think he’s telling the truth here; it looks like Mike makes contact with Gus (presumably through Victor). I don’t believe Jimmy/Saul ever actually met Gus, although later in BB, he’s aware of who he is (maybe from Walt and/or Jesse ?)

    2 Breaking Bad SPOILER:

    When Gus kills Victor, Mike looks pretty shaken up – I think he considered Victor a friend/substitute son.

    • toast

      Marco – Los Pollos

      • Charles Bikle

        What are you talking about ?

        • toast

          Grizzle. I should have listened to the last 2 minutes of the podcast.

    • Antonio Mazzaro


      I am trying to remember, did you happen to catch the episode after Walt and Jesse go to Pollos to meet Gus the first time and Gus won’t talk to them? When they go back to complain to Saul about it I thought Saul says something like “My guy didn’t like the vibe” or something like that indicating Gus and he were connected. But you’re right, we don’t know much about the connection. Heck for all we know Saul was lying through his teeth during most of BB.

      • Charles Bikle

        Yeah, from what I recall, Saul’s wording made it sound like it was 2nd or 3rd hand reporting from “his guy, who knows a guy” – definitely felt distanced (which is what Saul preferred ?).

  • Matt The Golem

    Why was HHM so keen on keeping the Kettlemans as klients…er clients. They have no money, the husband is out of a job, and a settlement would not have as many billable hours as a court case. Is there a ‘finders fee’ to the law firm for returning the stolen cash?

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      good question. maybe getting this one settled wins them a lot of goodwill with the city.

  • Robert Mayo

    Where’s the mp3 download feed??