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Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 9 Recap | Pimento


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Rob Cesternino is joined by Antonio Mazzaro to recap episode 9 of the Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul entitled, “Pimento”. Join us for our live review immediately after the episode.

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  • Charles Bikle
  • Thinking back on the title sequences, I wonder how much they link to the episode. This week’s one of Saul’s business card or matchbox advertisement looking like it was discarded in the sink getting drowned by water, that really felt like it was a reflection of how Saul himself was treated – discarded by his brother, getting drowned out of his case by HHM.

    • Charles Bikle

      That wasn’t a sink; it was a urinal.

      • Even better. Jimmy was certainly getting figuratively pissed on.

  • Linus Wesley

    Yes, really great episode for Saul and Chuck, but I too thought that Mike totally stole the show and was the MVP of the night.

    Nacho must clearly be sticking around for a larger, more important part in season two, because otherwise it would make no sense to have him as a regular here where he’s only in about half the episodes and barely does anything in the ones he’s in. It would make sense that he is what will bring Saul and Mike together and really over to the dark side.

    Have you guys watched Orphan Black and love it? The guy who plays Nacho is on it but he’s almost unrecognizable on Better Call Saul since he’s not a pathetic wimp there.

    • toast

      …. yes! It’s Vic from Orphan Black!

  • toast

    You know what was nice about those old 2002 flip phones? They lasted a week on one charge.

  • PJinAlbuquerque

    Antonio and Rob, I see this as a classic story of sibling conflict. Chuck could not handle Jimmy as a success. He HAD to steal the case, because he is envious. VIVA the younger sibling! I also believe we will see an UGLY CHUCK. P.S. Mike is still my love…he makes Jimmy into Saul. 🙂

  • Reynaldo Hernandez Aponte

    Michael Mando plays Vass in Far Cry 3, the guy who Mike removed the guns from is the guy who voices Trevor in GTA 5.

  • unfaithfullyyours

    Great episode! Mike is Fonzie; a great character, for sure, but w/out Saul (Richie), he might not quite work as well. … Also, I want more future / now Saul / Gene, which I think is the key to this series. BB was a good man’s descent into darkness. I hope BCS doesn’t repeat that arc. It’s mouth more interesting to see Saul’s descent and return from darkness.

    • toast

      He can be a good criminal or a bad criminal. That speech meant for Jimmy as much as dweeby drug guy.

  • toast

    I rewatched the episode with my daughter last night.
    She said “Actually dad, if you sold drugs, you’d be more like this guy than Walter White.”

    She’s kind of right.

  • Guest

    Mazzaro at 33:00 gets a little weird: he says he hopes that criminals “don’t feel they’re bad people.”

    So, next time you’re mugged, you hope it’s by a criminal with a smile on his face?

  • Matt The Golem

    Before they were Chuck and Jimmy…