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Better Call Saul Season 2, Episode 4 Recap | Gloves Off

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Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 4 Recap Podcast of “Gloves Off” on March 7, 2016

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Rob Cesternino and Antonio Mazzaro recap Season 2, Episode 4 of Better Call Saul on AMC and answer some of the listener questions.


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  • Leishmaniasis

    We did have a new familiar face in the episode. Domingo Molina, a.k.a. “Krazy-8” was the guy that delivered the money to Tuco. I was just wondering last week if we’d see him again—lo and behold.

  • Chuck just cannot stand slippin jimmy! Since I haven’t watched any of Breaking Bad, I do not know what to expect from these immature versions of Mike and Saul Goodman, however I kinda understood Mike’s choice, but Jimmy, does he really not understand what their bosses are pissed off about??? Or is Jimmy fundamentally different from them?

    • TrentC

      You haven’t watched any of Breaking Bad? Good gravy I think I may faint…I find some similarities between the two shows and a lot of differences. I’m sure you’ve heard all of the BB hype already, a definite can’t miss series for a lot of reasons.

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      Jimmy is barely in with one foot as a member of the Davis and Main team. I think the issue is he just doesn’t care about their corporate needs. He’s way smart enough to get it. He’s clearly destined to be a one man shop.

  • FuZ

    Hi. Great podcast. Thank you.
    One thought on Crazy-8. He may not have been an informant at that time. He could have gotten caught dealing and turned informant to avoid jail or whatever.

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      It’s true. But he was clearly the kind of person capable of being that. Tuco may not be all that dumb when it comes down to it. Just kind of unhinged and the meth exacerbates that to insane levels.

  • Charles Bikle

    A couple of thoughts/theories about2 issues Antonio brought up:

    – Re: Mike’s plan: maybe Mike factored in that the cops would more than likely work with him and minimize his involvement, because of his being an ex-cop (who’s son, also a cop who died in the line of duty) – I don’t see Mike pulling the “cop card” too often, but it would make sense here.

    – Jimmy being in hot water with his bosses: Perhaps they thought that firing Jimmy would might endanger their relationship with HHM (Jimmy’s brother Chuck, being a named partner there)

    Also, while I think Ed Begley jr. and the partners were legitimately upset, I wonder if some of the sting went out because they realized how much more money Jimmy’s stunt was going to bring in.

    Again, I think they were legit upset, but maybe in their heart of hearts, they were OK with it, but couldn’t say that to Jimmy.

    • Jimmy was mocked because he did not care about the procedure. But, yes, I agree with you, they knew it was ok.

      • And I think, Jimmy might have already guessed it was going to upset his boss, however, he just could not “could not” help turning the switch off, because that is who he is, but he need to learn more.

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      I did buy, though, that their bigger concern would be that Jimmy would put an ad out that would really jeopardize some other client relationship.

      Like say they have a banking chain as a client and Jimmy’s ad copy had said something like “I already don’t trust those big banks, now I can’t trust Sandpiper with my money either?”

      Jimmy’s not being cognizant of the larger relationship could jeopardize it with copy like that. So in this particular instance his recklessness was no harm no foul, but it could easily have led to much greater issues.

  • PJinAlbuquerque

    I agree with Antonio and Rob about Mike. He was sloppy at first, but his character is developing. I enjoyed seeing Tuco and Crazy 8 again. I bet we see the downfall or death of Nacho. Cordially, PJ on the ground.

  • I’m sure everybody already saw this but just in case. This is why I love the Internet.

  • John Gormley

    I was hoping the intro would be ”Here are the 2 guys whose life is an episode of ‘Lets Make A Deal”’