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Better Call Saul Season 2, Episode 9 Recap | Nailed

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Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 9 Recap Podcast of “Nailed” on April 11, 2016

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Rob Cesternino and Antonio Mazzaro recap Season 2, Episode 9 of Better Call Saul on AMC and answer some of the listener questions.


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  • Rubicon

    Mokoko on the Better Call Saul sub-reddit asked a very good question.

    “What if the show was called Better Fuck Chuck?”

  • Evan D

    Wow. What a superb episode. Totally on your side, Antonio: “Nailed” could be the best of an already high-quality bunch.

    This Jimmy-Chuck confrontation is the stuff of Russian novels.

    Mother of god! What Chuck won’t do to screw over his brother. He’s an ego-driven, self-deluded man who, despite being unquestionably brilliant, is completely driven by his feelings of inadequacy. (remind you of another V.G. creation?)

    And here’s the evidence (though not the smoking gun): when he’s pleading for Kim to believe him (which, IMHO, she does almost right away), it must have reminded him of his equally vain attempts to convince his father that Jimmy was pilfering from the store. He’s so dejected when Kim remains ostensibly unswayed.

    Here’s why Jimmy is so much more appealing: it’s an absence of bitterness or spite. Even though his brother, as Kim has pointed out, HAS rejected him, HAS relentlessly judged him, Jimmy doesn’t retaliate. He doesn’t even hate him. He still wants to help, in spite of the poisonous resentment on Chuck’s part. There’s a kind of high-mindedness to Jimmy that the opinions of the outside world are almost beneath him. He is who is and he makes no apologies for it.

    The only time he does retaliate, in fact, is to defend Kim. Yes, it’s wrong. And, yes, it’s not what she wants. Nonetheless, it is selfless and hence admirable in a way…

    **MILD BREAKING BAD SPOILER** Remember when Walt and Saul were brainstorming strategies on how to best launder the dirty drug money? Walter refused to even entertain the idea that it was the result of a made-up inheritance? “I earned that money. It has to come from me!” — or something to that effect.

    I remember how mildly disdainful Saul was at that point. Given how petty his brother is — and has been for most of his life — it’s not a stretch to think how Jimmy would regard WW’s behaviour with similar disapproval. (Of course, I know the writers didn’t have his brother in mind when they wrote that particular scene. But it really dovetails perfectly with Jimmy current attitude in BCS.)

  • John Davis

    I want to respond after each one of these Better Call Saul podcasts, but I can’t find words effusive enough or praise high enough for the quality of your analysis and depth of discussion, so I sit mute each week marveling and suffering writer’s block. I love this show and your podcasts match the standards set by its production.
    Antonio, your law background is always a big plus on all your podcasts but especially for BCS. Matched with your fine tuned film knowledge, I cannot thank you enough for doubling down on the pleasure I get from watching this show and then listening to your wrap up the next day. Thank you too, Rob for the vision and confidence to put this together. Bravo!

    • TrentC

      Hello again John. Well said.

      I commit a serious felony here. I tend to make a comment or two before listening to the podcast, only to find that Rob and Antonio have already covered the point.

      Midway through this season my attention lagged and I felt the show was becoming a boring drama. I stuck with it, because of these podcasts mainly, and I’m happy that I did.

      There are a lot of levels to this writing and it appears deceptively straightforward at times. That’s why Antonio’s film acumen along with Rob’s analysis compliment the show so well. They expose something I missed and I literally sit here and say – Oh yeaaah, I see it now.

      *I have to listen to the podcast now, great episode.

      • John Davis

        Hi Trent,
        I won’t say that I’m not frustrated and left feeling unsatisfied after each episode because I am. I feel a need to wrap up the Saul origin story and move on, but when I think of these last two seasons as a whole I think this series is in a sense more brilliant than Breaking Bad. It’s almost as if BB was a warm up for this show. Every week I say to my wife, “I knew I should have waited until the final show and binge watched it, I can’t stand these cliff hanger moments”. But then I wouldn’t be able to enjoy these great re-cap shows and, I don’t know about you, but binge LISTENING to podcasts has got to be torture. Strangely enough I am really looking forward to binge re-watching this series after it is over.

        • TrentC

          You’ve articulated my feelings about Better Call Saul quite accurately John. I wanted it to hurry up and then I realized the building is what makes it great. We know the destination, now let’s enjoy the journey.

          Briefly, I’m at a space in life where I left a long time job and can binge anything I desire. It’s become a pretty bad habit. Real life will come knocking again soon so I’m trying to enjoy the freedom before getting back to the grind. I tried binge listening to a few podcasts and you’re right, it is a different animal when compared to binge watching a show.

          I’ve only watched Breaking Bad as it aired, so that’s my treat to rewatch the whole series again before reentering the world.

  • Shevek

    They could wrap up the Rebeca story at a later time by having her show up after Chuck dies.

  • Edwin Johnson

    Was totally rooting for Chuck’s demise in that hearing. Not sorry.

    • Edwin Johnson

      Both McGills are ultimately horrible so mainly I root for Kim’s success even though that is futile.

  • Shevek

    I did tell my wife around season 2 that I thought there was a chance Gus would show up in the season finale. He’d absolutely be connected the Cartel during this point in the BrBa timeline. I believe he’d be getting his product from them and it may have even been his money in the tire headed to Mexico. So if he’s the one to connect Mike to the robbery, maybe he’s so impressed he offers Mike a job. Maybe Nacho is the precursor to Victor?

  • Sam S.

    Loved the episode! Definitely my favorite of the entire series. Antonio, the comparison to Jane was spot on. That has always been one of my favorite Breaking Bad moments, and the potential death of Chuck may not be as heartbreaking as watching Walt’s inaction or Jesse try to revive Jane, however it will be sad, but needed if he goes.

  • Lance Davis

    Chuck should’ve just left my Copy Shop when I told him to and none of this would of ever happened. I would never sell-out my man Slippin’ Jimmy!!!

  • PJinAlbuquerque

    Ernesto is NOT related to Gus. There are a lot of people who look like that here in ABQ and many other places. That is really FAN FACTION. The Gus connection will come via the Salamancas. Remember, Gus only broke with the cartel later in BreBad when he got his own cook (Walter).

  • TrentC

    1. You asked if Chuck and Rebecca had more to do going forward in the series. As Chuck is Jimmy’s only antagonist right now, I feel they have feature Chuck for another season. Whether he’s in a hospital bed or not during season three is another question.

    2. Rebecca and Gus – I like both theories posited on the podcast. Rebecca leaving Chuck and it’s indirectly related to Jimmy, and Gus appearing on the final episode this season in a background role or sighting.

    3. ‘Ground Chuck’ – Is it still acceptable to throw rotten produce at performers?

    Great analysis guys, thank you.

  • TP222

    I listen all the time, but have to say it out loud.

    Antonio.. You see things on this show that most miss. Love your vision!

  • PeeZee

    I recently made a soaker hose by drilling holes in an old garden hose …. it WORKED! Thanks BCS!