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Better Call Saul Season 2 Finale, Episode 10 Recap | Klick

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Better Call Saul Season 2 Finale Episode 10 Recap Podcast of “Klick” on April 18, 2016

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Rob Cesternino and Antonio Mazzaro recap the Season 2 Finale, Episode 10 of Better Call Saul on AMC and answer some of the listener questions.


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  • Park that is Paranoid

    You guys should do these shows after the official post show on AMC. On that show both Peter and Vince confirm that anagram, that everyone got right on Reddit, and that yes, Gus wrote the note.

  • BearMustaine

    It didn’t feel like a finale ep…but still v enjoyable. Any good lawyer could get Jimmy out of that tape recording trap…uhhh Jimmy was just lying to make his crazy brother feel better..he’s a nut living in a tinfoil box…no jury would convict him.

    • Shevek

      I don’t think Chuck is out to press charges. The tape would probably be enough for Howard, and Mesa Verde maybe. And shame Kim more concretely.

      • BearMustaine

        Yeah your right but Chuck is looking pretty unstable to the outside, even Ernie felt he was acting loonie, Jimmy could easily talk his way out of it if he had the balls to throw shade on Chuck but he doesn’t.

        • aardvarkratnik

          It has nothing to do with having “balls”.

          • BearMustaine

            yeah… it does, ask somebody else to explain it to

          • aardvarkratnik

            I hardly need anybody to explain it to me. Not wanting to throw “shade” on Chuck, whatever that means does not mean he is afraid to do it, it means he loves the jerk too much to give him what he really deserves. But that’s what I expect from someone on the net that thinks three dots constitutes punctuation and doesn’t know what the shift key is for.

          • BearMustaine

            LOL…Don’t you think you’re over reacting just a tad…Your Roid rage is making you look like a complete tit on line… thanks for the lulz tho x

    • Brian

      what is Jimmy’s “crime” anyway? I know they’re throwing around “fraud” and “forgery” and “felony” but I don’t think there’s an iota of criminality, even to the B&E nonsense (he has a key, etc.) This may be a civil case in tort, or, perhaps, a disbarring offense (moral turpitude), but I’m not really seeing how altering the address was anything other than an effective punking of Chuck.

  • Antoni

    I enjoyed it, the whole season, the one thing me and my brother bond over and love watching every Tuuzday #Poland love their dynamic(Jimmy-Chuck) I wish Chuck had to take care of Jimmy at some point. But really I need them to tear it all down, burn it to the ground. Make Jimmys transition drastic so I van believe it is the same man that we saw on Breaking Bad! Mike stuff is good, but it feels like what it is : A half-measure. I am not holding the FringsBack slip against them. Its only fair that in a universe that likes cutesy stuff like that something gets out. Its a shame not to have had the speculation, but for me, Fring would be obvious after the note. Who else can stop people from murdering someone just with a single word?

  • TrentC

    I felt the mother scene was another instance to showcase why Chuck dislikes Jimmy. Chuck’s plan to record Jimmy was borne from ego. He could not believe that he made a clerical error on the filing. Instead, it had to be someone else’s fault. Even after Jimmy explained that he did it for Kim because he felt that Kim earned and deserved the account, Chuck wouldn’t comment on that particular truth.

    I find it sad that Jimmy cares for Chuck no matter how badly Chuck treats him. I believe the majority of this season is to showcase the reasoning behind why Jimmy becomes Saul. Chuck may be the primary reason that Jimmy breaks bad…

    Something from a couple of weeks ago. Did anyone notice that when Mike tied up the truck driver before stealing the money, that the driver looked over and saw Mike’s blue car behind the billboard? I thought that may be important somehow.

    Good recap as always, thanks Rob and Antonio.

  • Brian

    Antonio, et al. What, exactly, is Jimmy’s crime?

    • Shevek

      Fraud, forgery? I think Chuck specifies in ep 9

  • Shevek

    Rob sounds so tired, especially when he’s making a point Antonio already made. Appreciate how hard you’re working on the road, man.

  • dapete

    “Klick” could also be a reference to the sound that the tape recorder makes…albeit forced to get the K for the anagram.

  • dapete

    Could FRINGS BACK be a diversion? What about Hank leaving the note because the DEA is staking out Hector?

    • aardvarkratnik

      No, Hank didn’t discover Mike as a suspect of any kind until well into Breaking Bad.

  • Shevek

    If we’re left just wondering “who left the note,” is there anyone exclusively in the BCS universe it could be? Nobody is really connected to Mike in that way (The duplicitous veterinarian?) . Open it up to BrBa universe, and it’s really just Gus/Victor…The only other Salamanca connection I can see is Hank. But it’s a bridge (way) too far to imagine that the DEA is also setting up on the Salamancas and A) Mike doesn’t notice B) They’re watching the henchman get killed and C) They’re that subtle about stopping Mike.

    That’s my long way of saying: Gus definitely left the note.

  • Eart

    Nice podcast. Vince and Peter had an interview in Variety. They 100% confirm the anagram and say they’re surprised it was discovered so quickly. But that makes NO sense as Antonio and Rob have pointed out… we’re conditioned to look for extra meanings in these titles, and the titles themselves were usually pretty bad because they were about one little thing in the episode.

    • TrentC

      I was thinking that they may not have expected anyone to look at a list of titles until the season was finished. I often search for things like: ‘Breaking Bad episode guide’ and go to pages that feature grids listing the episode names and descriptions. Maybe Vince envisioned a few of us doing the same thing after the season? Agreed, it wasn’t much of a tease comparatively and in my humble opinion, kind of ruined a potential surprise.

      I’d expect a lesser show doing that to encourage continued viewership, not this one.

  • Ocean

    Rob and Antonio : watch the AMC after show. Most questions are answered except who left the note. You guys did a great job this season. Thank you!!!!

  • Dubya

    I didn’t get to hear the entire podcast so if this was addressed later, I apologize:

    Klick is a military term for Kilometer. It is spelled correctly as it’s military jargon. It starts with a K so there was no need to change for the anagram. The reason Klick is used instead of Kilometer, has to do with shortwave radio’s sometimes spotty connection. “Kilometers” might end up getting mistaken for “meters”. If you’re calling in a “danger-close” air strike or artillery strike, you obviously want precision and a lack of confusion.

  • aardvarkratnik

    I think it’s time to sic Mike on Chuck.

  • BearMustaine

    In nature all the wildlife including insects shuts up when they sense a predator is in the area, maybe this was what they wanted to imply with Mike and the note.

  • Evan D

    ***Slight BB SPOILER***

    Remember when the cousins were a hair away from burying an axe in Walter White? The were called off with a simple text that read “POLLOS”

    Flash forward to the past: Mike is about to take out Hector only to be called of by an equally brief message — “don’t”

    I’m more convinced of this being Fring that than I am of R + L = J…..

    • PJinAlbuquerque

      Disagree. Gus may be working for/with the Slamancas (as seen in the flashback in BreBad), but is not in control until BB when we see how he brings down the cartel.

  • Charles Bikle

    If Chuck brings that recording to light, I bet that’ll make Howard Hamlin very unhappy – I suspect that he just wants all of this to go away and doesn’t want to see his firm getting turned into a circus.

  • Nigel Hannah

    OK so 1st thing. If Vince and Peter didn’t think people would get the episode Gus easter egg, then they’re stupid. From day one on BB they played with the episode titles. Its the one constant thing they like to play with us with. So OF COURSE people are going to paying close attention to. Oh and with the Insider Podcast they do? They hadn’t even chosen titles. its just episode 1,2,3 etc, so no gloating/sniggering at their easter egg.

    So I’m sure Gus was connected to leaving the note for Mike. However, I depending on the timeline I also think people are giving Gus way too much credit at this point in time.

    *****Slight BB Spooiler********

    In a BB flashback when Gus visits Hector and he shoots Gus’ partner/cook, Gus then starts to cook for Hector, but when was that? Has that actually happened in BCS timeline? If so I guess Gus wants Hector’s death to be his. I get that. But also, Gus back then didn’t appear to be anything like Gus in BB. I didn’t see the Ultra control freak Gus in him back then. So depending when all that happened I find it hard to believe Gus in BCS has all this knowledge, power and control to track Mike down whilst he’s still cooking for Salamanca.

    I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone else, but everyone seems to be projecting Gus in BB is the same Gus in what appears to be 8ish years earlier in BCS.

    I think Chuck will simply use the tape as blackmail and ask Jimmy to leave. He’ll let Kim stay on her own and keep Mesa Verde. He’ll be to embarrassed he got owned by his brother to go to Howard with it. I think Jimmy will turn into Saul by totally legal means as opposed to being disbarred. Then again I think he’ll also want to somehow get his rep back at HHM, maybe he will to Howard lol.

    Oh and finally. I think Vince and co need to be careful. Slow episodes on BB were fine because of the powerhouse of the story. So much threat and death. So an odd slowly was fine for everyone to catch their breath. BCS is NOT BB, so a slow episode is a sloooow episode. Ultimately I think they are going in the right direction since a full on show with Saul and Mike will be pointless since we know there is no peril since we already know they survive everything from seeing BB. So the character show we have is the sensible way to do it.

    It was a brilliant episode, but awful as a finale.

  • Spencer Watson

    It makes sense to me that Gus Fring is “introduced” this way (with the note on the car). He’s a character who operates from the shadows. If it were up to Fring no one would know who he was (i.e. Kaiser Soze).