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Better Call Saul Season 3, Episode 2 Recap | Witness

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Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 2 Recap Podcast of “Witness” on April 18, 2017

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Rob Cesternino and Antonio Mazzaro recap Episode 2 of Season 3 of AMC’s Better Call Saul, “Witness” and respond to some listener feedback on April 18, 2017.


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  • Bry_Lander

    A few questions I have post episode 2:

    1) The violent tearing of Jimmy’s velcro wallet when he opened it to pay for his meal at Los Pollos Hermanos and to give Kim her $1 to establish the attorney-client privilege begs the question: how does a velcro wallet fit into the wardrobe of a reputable attorney, and for that matter, in the wardrobe of anyone who is over 10 years old?

    2) Mike is usually very savvy, so how can he justify continuing to track the gas cap beyond the day that they picked it up? He has to assume that Gus’s people will remove the GPS unit to change the battery within a day and then realize that there is something wrong. And yet he continued to track it and was tricked into revealing himself at the end of the episode. Very sloppy…

    3) Wouldn’t it have been smarter for Mike to stake out some of the dead drop locations to see who else was involved and find out what was being hidden? Instead, he just sat outside of the restaurant with a pair of binoculars, essentially discovered nothing, and was discovered by Gus.

    • TrentC

      Without knowing, I’ll make an attempt here.

      1. He still drives that rustbucket of a car, maybe the wallet is in keeping with his – I came from a poorer station in life. Or perhaps the wallet means something to him? Jimmy doesn’t seem to affect much change in his life. His cheap suits followed him right to the time of Breaking Bad.

      2. I may have this wrong, but wasn’t that montage over the course of one night into the next morning? Without an indication of hours elapsed, it appeared Mike followed the signal as long as it kept moving. It seems Gus caught on early and instructed his man to adhere to a certain route with the gascap/phone location as the final destination to actually stop at.

      3. I saw it as Mike following the guy in one continuous drive, with the scene of Mike looking at the restaurant as happening at a different time. I could be completely wrong about the chain of events.

      • Bry_Lander

        1) I think that the velcro wallet will be revealed to have some meaning, otherwise they wouldn’t have had him blatantly tear it open so many times.

        2) I believe when he called Jimmy he asked him to go to breakfast the following morning. He initially witnessed the guy in the green Blazer go in with the bag the first morning, Then he called Jimmy and asked him to monitor the restaurant the next morning, where the guy with the bag came back and Jimmy spied on him.

        3) If the timeline is as I said above, Mike would have been able to monitor some of those dead drop zones between the initial breakfast and the following morning

        • TrentC

          1. I think that may be it.

          2. That whole scene with Jimmy witnessing the green Blazer guy fascinated me. He went to a lot of trouble to bring the pack into the restaurant and ‘do nothing’ with it. Perhaps Gus and the crew were onto Mike day one, when as you say, Mike was watching the green Blazer guy the first time.

          3. Timing was fuzzy for me as I typically only watch episodes once. I thought Mike set up his fake gas cap on night one, watched the guys exchange it and then followed immediately, which led to the montage of stops. From what you’re saying he did that, but the first or next morning was spent observing the green Blazer guy pull into the restaurant and calling Jimmy. Following the green Blazer guy do the stops happened on night two?

          • Bry_Lander

            3) I think so – this seems to be the timeline:

            Day 1, Early morning – Gus’s guys take the fake gas cap from Mike’s car in front of his house. Mike follows them for hours, and witnesses the Green Blazer guy picking up stuff from the dead drops.

            Day 1, Late Morning – Mike follows the Green Blazer to Los Pollos Hermanos and sees the guy bring a bag in. He calls Jimmy and asks him to come to breakfast the next day and do some surveilling.

            Day 2, Late Morning – Jimmy eats breakfast at LPH, where the guy comes back for breakfast again with his bag, and tries to determine what is happening with the bag.

            There, have we beat this to death yet?? 😉

          • TrentC

            lol, thanks. If we haven’t beaten it to death properly, this is the internet, I’m sure someone will help us 🙂

            I guess my timing confusion comes from the order of the scenes presented. The last scene we saw involving Mike showed him picking up the phone after a long night of following the guy. Wasn’t this shown after the scene with Jimmy in the restaurant?

            Actually don’t worry about it, I should just rewatch the ep with open eyes this time.

          • Bry_Lander

            Cool, let me know if my theory is correct! I will likely watch it again, too.

  • Ocean

    Jimmy winced at the coffee because he drinks black and this was filled with 3 packets of sugar. He had to do something to keep an eye on the guy ordering so he went to the supply station and started putting sugar in his coffee. I’m surprised you guys didn’t pick up on that.

  • TrentC

    Great job on the podcast. This season appears to be moving faster than previous seasons. I don’t have any questions.

    Observation – Rob’s Mike imitation ranks with his best impressions.

    • Bry_Lander

      While Rob’s Mike imitation is amazing, his Strand (Fear the Walking Dead) imitation is clearly his best work!

      • TrentC

        If you listen to some of his archived podcasts you can hear the Evolution of Survivor Imitations. tm I think Boston Rob is one of his best. He did a Caryn from Palau TEOS that was hilarious.

  • Charles Bikle

    I think the dead drops in this episode are the same dead drops that Gus has Mike & Jessie Pinkman doing in Breaking Bad. Basically picking up drug money & bring it to Los Pollos Hermanos for laundering.

    • Park that is Paranoid

      They are

  • Charles Bikle

    I don’t think Ernesto is dumb, I just think he’s a quiet, innocent soul who has gotten pulled into a game of high-stakes family drama.

    I have a feeling that all of this might be “too much” for Ernesto and will lead to dire consequences…

  • Dean Arata

    a little off topic, but are you guys going to do a fargo podcast?

    • TrentC

      First Fargo ep for season three was good.

  • DanG

    Back to the WM logo scenes…. yes, Francesca’s “the M’s a little crooked” line was a bit obvious – but I think the more subtle moment is when Jimmy responds – looking at the logo and saying “yeah a little crooked” with a slightly wry smile of understanding.. and then later, when he stops “two finger rolling” the tape and pulls it off in frustration over Chuck, he make the M even more crooked…

  • Bry_Lander

    Does anyone know what happened to “Talking Saul”? There wasn’t a new episode on Monday and there isn’t one scheduled for 4/24.

    • DanG

      I think they have one after the season premier and again at the season finale – not every week (like talking dead).