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Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 4 Recap | Sabrosito

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Better Call Saul 2017: Season 3 Episode 4 Recap Podcast: Sabrosito

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Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 4 Recap Podcast of “Sabrosito” on May 2, 2017

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Rob Cesternino and Antonio Mazzaro are back to recap Episode 4 of Season 3 of AMC’s ‘Better Call Saul’, as  well as discussing some hypotheticals and taking some listener feedback!

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  • 2dog

    I so enjoy listening to you two talk about Better Call Saul. This was one of the best episodes and really wanted to hear your guys break it down! The actors in the show are the best but the writing sucked for season 1 & 2. The writing is what makes a show in the end and it was lacking in the first two seasons. We decided to maybe stop watching it along with Fear Of The Walking Dead! But wow thank god we didn’t! This episode you want to listen to every word, love all the characters story lines this year. Again really love listening to you guys and are able to take back the info I learn here to the rest that watch the show.

  • Isaiah Dustin Parter

    Let’s just have Mike be a cashier at Los Pollos Hermanos.

  • Charles Bikle

    Interesting talk about Kim possibly “breaking bad”.

    In her solo-role with Mesa Verde, sounds like she’d be in the perfect position for some kind of money-laundering operation. Maybe she’s actually alive in the BB universe and is running “Ice Station Zero LLC” ?

  • WED68

    ***SPOILERS***As always, A great show. My own take on the Hector/Fring dynamic: I don’t think we ever feel sympathetic for Hector — even when he kills Gus. And I don’t think we’re ever meant to. Hector is a kind of plot devise: he morphs into an obsession that Fring can’t shake.* As a result, it’s hubris that gets him killed. Walter plays on the blind obsession of Fring’s.
    As for his “mellower” portrayal here, I wonder if it’s not just ruthless manipulation. Gus brilliantly spins his involvement with the cartel into a David-Goliath narrative that wins the hearts of his employees. At no point, though, is he really a “good” man. I think the loss of his partner/lover turns him irrevocably bad. It’s the defining moment of the character’s arc.
    Antonio: i know you’ve re-watched BB recently. Some Fring’s most vile moments, in order, are as follows:
    1) Sends henchmen to kill WW’s entire family
    2) Sends the twins after Hank — only to then give the latter the heads-up
    3) Orders a hit on Hank. Of course, it forces WW’s hand. From there, Hank (also through an anonymous call) is saved by Saul.
    My point is, this is super-bad dude — even by the standards of crumbling moral universe of BB.
    Again: amazing show, guys!

    *I’m wondering whether Vince & Co. “retconed” Hector after season 2. My feeling is that this feud between Fring and Hector was a feature added much later.

  • Shari Spark

    What about Kim/Jimmy debating ‘damaged’ vs. ‘destroyed’ and then having that very point discussed at the disposition? Kim’s response seems to indicate it was a calculated choice of words to effect a response. Why?

    • DanG

      As Chuck admitted to Kim in their post-hearing meeting in the hallway, Jimmy only damaged a COPY -NOT THE ORIGINAL tape (which Chuck had already stored in a safe place).

      So really, Jimmy didn’t destroy the tape – and making jimmy pay for destroying the tape was an exaggeration (not to mention making it seem even more like entrapment).

      But, my favorite part of that segment, was a bit earlier when Jimmy spoke his apology directly to Chuck… ” no brother should do these things…”

      • Bry_Lander

        The copied tape is evidence that Chuck conspired to provoke Jimmy to break in and destroy the tape. If Chuck was merely worried about the tape being destroyed, he would have hid it somewhere, and if Jimmy showed up, he would just tell him the tape was in a safe deposit box or something. Instead, he let him think it was the original and he destroyed it, bringing about the associated legal trouble. The presence of the private investigator and Howard in Chuck’s house is further evidence of this effort. (Entrapment comes to mind, but I don’t think that there is an entrapment statute that applies to non-government entities i.e., I’m not sure if a private citizen can entrap another private citizen (maybe Antonio can do some legal research!))

        It is a serious ethical lapse for Chuck to tape Jimmy without his permission, copy the tape, safeguard the original, place the copy in the tape recorder, hire a private investigator as a witness, and then lie in wait for Jimmy to inevitably return to try and seize or destroy the tape. The New Mexico Bar Association is going to be disturbed and very concerned about this behavior, and when this is combined with Mike’s pictures showing Chuck’s bizarre lifestyle, they may end up suspending Chuck’s license to practice law.

  • Eart

    I think you guys are off base in thinking that this episode’s cold open takes place after the events of Better Call Saul. In the cold open, the ice cream shop is still open and is how Hector distributes his product. The first post-cold-open scene is Mike watching that ice cream shop getting busted by the DEA. If anything, the cold open takes place somewhere in Better Call Saul season 1 or season 2 if not earlier.

    • Eart

      Guess I should’ve listened all the way before I posted….

  • Tusk

    My take on the end: Kim said “Bingo” because Kim had a recording device on her to record Chuck admitting that he ‘entrapped’ Jimmy into doing what he did. Hubris is exactly what described Chuck at that meeting, like Jimmy and Chuck predicted, that’s why Jimmy was so compliant with everything including the additional apology the prosecutor insisted Jimmy owed Chuck. They set up Chuck to feel like he had won so he would let his guard down and do what all evil villains do, tell everyone how clever he was by revealing his plan.

  • I wanna see more of slippin’ kimmy!

  • Bry_Lander

    Great show! The research and attention to detail is excellent.

    I thought that Episode 4 was by far the best of the season. I don’t know if it was a good idea for Jimmy to use Mike to break into Chuck’s house; at some point they could cross paths during the course of Chuck parking at the courthouse for a hearing, and Chuck may recognize him as the repairman (especially since Mike didn’t really attempt to conceal his appearance – come on, at least throw on a hat or something, lol).

  • DanG

    AND…what was “the other thing” that Jimmy asked Mike to get from Chuck’s house? The thing that that Mike found in Chuck’s address book??? For some reason, I thought it might be Rebecca’s contact info.. but not sure..