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Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 4 Recap Podcast of “Chicanery” on May 9, 2017

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The McGill Brothers of podcasting (minus the seething hatred and jealousy) Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) and Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) present this week’s hearing…based podcast recap of Better Call Saul. Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) is on International Assassin duty in Toronto but will return next week.
Antonio and Josh ponder where Chuck goes from here, how the chuc-kanery might blow back on Kim, and what an appropriate ending for the Chuck character will be after the events of this week’s fantastic episode.
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  • Charles Bikle

    Question for @ACMazzaro

    In your opinion as a lawyer, could Chuck’s apparent mental illness open the door to an official review of some or all of the previous legal cases that Chuck worked on ? Does this open HHM to potential trouble ?

  • Sylvia Aponte

    I miss Rob on the show but so glad to have you 2 back together on a podcast i love. Great episode and great insight. I always feel like I’m watching the episode again but glean so much more from the podcast. I definitely think Chuck’s role in the show has ended. As much as i love Ehrmantraut, i actually didnt miss him in this episode which says volumes on how good an episode it was. There was a big point of showing that Kim denied Jimmy’s legal issues relating back to Mesa Verde so it seems obvious that this will come back to bite her in the butt. Do you think the fallout of the truth could cause her to lose her best client and this could be the wedge that finally separates Kim and Jimmy?

  • DanG

    Slippin’ Jimmy?! More like Slippin’ Chuck… I mean, what did he have, a crew of 8-10 mowing the yard, re-installing ovens, hanging up art — all fake, just to look like a normal house? Now THAT’s a long-con! I used to think Chuck is both a jerk and a con-man. He’s a con-man/lawyer – just like Jimmy, but no one likes him, and he knows it– that’s why he hates Jimmy…