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Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 6 Recap | Off Brand

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Better Call Saul 2017: Season 3 Episode 6 Recap Podcast: Off Brand

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Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 6 Recap Podcast of “Off Brand” on May 16, 2017

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Rob Cesternino and Antonio Mazzaro get back into the thick of things to recap “Off Brand”, Episode 6 of Season 3 of AMC’s spinoff series ‘Better Call Saul’, as well as to address some listener questions and feedback.

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  • Charles Bikle

    Regarding Mike & the concrete job for the park:

    1. I don’t think Mike minds the work; I think he was a little thrown off at getting volunteered and isn’t interested in becoming part of that church/self-help group community.

    2. Also, I think Mike is going to wind up pouring that concrete over a body. #CheckovsCement

    • Michelle McHugh

      I agree with #1. I think Mike wants a low profile, especially since Gus has been spying on him. Probably doesn’t want his family involved or noticed. Didn’t think of #2. That would be interesting!

    • 9No

      Also do you guys think that the play ground park is a reference to the place that Mike ends up leaving Kaylee in Breaking Bad, when he has to go on the run?

  • Eart

    Regarding the support group: One of the people that the camera panned around to was the actress Tamara Tunie (from Law & Order: SVU) who was listed as a guest star (she was also the person walking past Mike and his daughter-in-law when they were discussing the playground). Tamara would not be hired and listed as a guest star only to appear on camera for 10 seconds and say nothing, so I’m guessing we will see her again.

    • Charles Bikle

      Good eye.

      Also, she’s pretty hot; doesn’t look 58 at all !

  • Bryzzo

    Your Mike impression absolutely kills it! Laughed out loud and had to rewind it to play it for my wife. Your Chuck voice is spot on too

    Question is what cameo from BB do yall most wanna see? Besides the obvious Jesse Walt and Hank…

    For me it’s Jane and her dad

    • Matthew Murphy

      Would be cool to see Gale. I’m sure we will eventually.

  • Josh

    The reason for the spinning support group shot was the demonstrate that all of the other widows and widowers in the group (besides Mike’s daughter-in-law) were much older than her, 50+ at least. Just a quick visual way to reinforce (to the audience and to MIke) how sad and unusual it was for her to lose her husband at such a young age

  • Michelle McHugh

    Maybe I missed something during your podcast, but I think the Off Brand title refers to Jimmy making the commercial himself, where he has to go off brand (which he said himself) because he can’t represent himself as Jimmy McGill, lawyer.This results in him creating Saul Goodman as a new brand. I think the title of this episode is very significant.